Neither in a sentence

Definition of Neither

Not either (used with nor). | Not one of two; not either. | (conjunctive) similarly not

How to use Neither in a Sentence?

  • Bamtz was such a craven, and neither of the other men would have cared what happened to her.
  • Both must be seen in union, or neither can be seen in the fulness of its glory.
  • They were ubiquitous; stolid obstructions that we could neither avoid nor ride down.
  • I want neither thy perfumes nor thy spices, nor the throbbing hearts of thy slaves.
  • Hence, though each demolishes the other, neither is convinced, and the controversy still rages.
  • It was a strain to sit there silent, for Lyn neither did or said anything at first.
  • We used to hope that we should neither of us long outlive the other, but God willed it otherwise.
  • I exclaimed about it, but Susy said she could see nothing there, neither cat nor table-cloth.
  • This, according to the above view, is neither limited by, nor does it limit, the mercy of God.
  • It belongs to me, and within my four walls neither Prince nor Diet has the right to command.
  • Regardless of the morrow; I found means That you should neither want, nor waste my substance.
  • There were hours of grayness when he told himself that he had neither the fortitude to endure the old nor the energy to embrace the new.
  • He had eyes and ears neither for the coronation nor for the sermon, but kept on thinking of his wife and child.
  • This principle is so clear, that logic can neither add to nor detract from the intrinsic lustre of its evidence.
  • Though her tone was not well-bred, he realized that she was neither as uneducated nor as degraded as he had at first believed.
  • None of us has inherited the genius of a Bethlen or of a Bocskai; neither I, nor Master Teleki.
  • Nothing appears more self-evident than the position, that whatever is thus produced in us can neither be our virtue nor our vice.
  • Hence we shall utterly demolish it, that neither a fragment nor a shadow of it may remain to darken and delude the minds of men.
  • They are innocent; that is, they are neither our virtue nor our vice, but a medium between moral good and evil.
  • There was neither colour in her cheeks nor light in her eyes; she hardly slept at all, and had grown more than ever like a little shadow.
  • Let us look at it closely, and mark its characteristic well, being careful to see neither more nor less than is presented by the phenomenon itself.

Short Example Sentence for Neither

  • What strictly neither can deserve.
  • That neither pity nor entreaties touch you?
  • A girl of neither family nor fortune?
  • I have had neither wife nor concubine beside her.
  • She felt neither grief nor fear.
  • They walked on in silence, neither knowing what to say.
  • And prematurely, too, for neither man was dead.
  • For I can neither part with her nor keep her.
  • But Byrne believed neither in walls nor bolts now.
  • In plain English, we neither reply unwilling nor unable.
  • But I will neither marry, nor betroth My daughter to him.
  • I neither know him, Nor ever had I kinsman of that name.
  • We choose to impale ourselves upon neither horn of the dilemma.
  • He carried his parasol, but had neither his book nor his pipe with him.
  • It is therefore neither wise nor safe to try to please Azrael.
  • That was neither the time nor place to abide by the Golden Rule.
  • Aye, but in earnest; and when neither knew That I was there.
  • Wretch! whom neither honor, Nor oaths, nor pity could control or move!
  • But there are only two ways I could get out of the Force, and neither is open.

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