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  • In the ringlets nestling there.
  • This nestling was not from a nest under observation.
  • Lily had hold of her arm and was nestling close to her.
  • Again his nestling companion gave no sign but a quiver.
  • And the body gratefully nestling close to thee.
  • The leaders are hugging the wall like nestling doves.
  • The village came in sight, nestling in a glade.
  • She trembled in my arms, nestling even closer to me.
  • Later, the curio-hunter may find it nestling by a turnip.
  • What could prevent His nestling in thy breast?
  • The Food of Nestling Birds.
  • Wake, nestling of a parent's love!
  • He produced a plain gold wedding ring nestling in a white velvet case.
  • Then with a joyful song nestling in his heart, he went rapidly forward.
  • It is nestling up to me, fawning upon me, touching my hands.
  • Haig's ranchhouse, surely, nestling below the hill!
  • She looked down, thoughtfully, nestling to the chin in the white wool folds.
  • And Helen, nestling beautiful in the red heart of the flower.
  • She made a little, irresistible, nestling motion, like a child.
  • Juanita drew her into her arms, and Daisy sat there, nestling and tired.
  • O ye the two doves nestling in the garden of the Love of God!

How To Use Nestling In A Sentence?

  • Here and there the scenery is varied by a little hamlet nestling along the hillside.
  • Eventually they rounded a bluff on to a cabin nestling at the mouth of a dark valley.
  • And all the while she was nestling near him like a tender ring-dove to her mate.
  • Yet her expression is so gentle that others say she is nestling close to him for protection.
  • Without delay it became a little squawberry vine nestling under the dead leaves.
  • We could hear the sharp little cry of satisfaction as each nestling was attended to.
  • No comfortable shibboleths to restrain the wriggling polyps in the skin or nestling hair.
  • Julian sat facing the fire with his cloak open and the child nestling up close to him.
  • Channing had taken her hand, which turned and clung to his with its usual nestling gesture.
  • Marcello laughed, and his hand slipped into hers with an almost childish and nestling movement.
  • His soul looked out upon life in general as a very small nestling might peep out of its nest.
  • He was familiar with the trails, the passes, the little basins and pockets nestling in the hills.
  • She turned her head with a nestling movement, drew a deep, soft breath and her eyelids drooped.
  • From above Gordon had noted its golden walls nestling beside the stream in a bower of foliage.
  • There is a pretty little cypress grove nestling under the shadow of one of the Ladysmith defences.
  • He lifted a shirt, and stared down at the Egyptian cat nestling among his T shirts.
  • Don't you see children born with the sins of their parents nestling in their very bodies?
  • There is not a covert in all the awakening woods that has not a little nestling head hidden behind the dead leaves.
  • Then her hands tightened yet more clingingly upon his, and nestling closer to him she slumbered again.

Definition of Nestling

present participle of nestle | The act of one who nestles.
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