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  • Was it not the espionage, the network of spies with which he surrounded his lands?
  • The slopes below are hard to climb, because of their steepness and the network of tilled fields.
  • Did she mean the unhappy hands, or all souls of men caught in the network of mysterious life?
  • It is everywhere constructed, as is the wire network in front of it, in the form of a slope.
  • You live your life, like any man, and you form a network of impressions and reactions.
  • From this network of tiny, thin-walled tubes, the body-cells draw their food from the blood.
  • The moonlight lies on Likowa, and already the dawn shows red through the network of elms.
  • There is a crafty network of organisations of business men called Canadian Clubs.
  • Then from Washington and from Southern California another branching network met this main Highway.
  • The minute blood vessels which form a network between the ends of the arteries and the beginnings of the veins.
  • But the inch had become a yard, and here we were, involved already in a perfect network of circumstances.
  • The meshes of the network are usually rather closer than in the outer cell substance, but their general character appears to be the same.
  • Their progress was abruptly halted by the appearance of a man ahead, standing like a statue in the middle of the network of tracks.
  • For something like seven or eight feet from the bottom they are so constructed that the water runs through an open network of great iron bars.
  • It was bitterly cold in the gaunt garret, the more so because the wind came unchecked through the wire network of the window in the next room.
  • His greatest onslaught, however, is on the four cardinal points supporting the flimsy network of society.
  • The capricious network of its upper boughs presented the aspect of a wood crowded with trees, which no gap rendered passable.
  • Above was a continuous network of flame as though someone were scratching immense matches all over the surface of heaven, but doggedly she ran on.
  • It was a pleasant whirl across the usual breezy flats of moorland, by some meadows where a network of serpentine streams flashed in the sun.
  • After a few blocks they swerved to the left, plunging into a congeries of mean streets where a network of fire-escapes encaged the house fronts.
  • The bridges wove back and forth from building to building until the entire visible network appeared one gigantic dew-glittering web.
  • Her young nurse was thankful when the flashing network of streams told how near they were whirling towards Kingcombe.
  • The internet, according to this scheme, was the neural network being used to wire up this brain so that it could function in a coordinated fashion.
  • Hundreds of streaks of flame crossed each other, and shot to and fro in the air like rockets, forming a regular network of fire.
  • It was cramped and dull, but my access to the network was free and I had plenty of material to entertain myself.
  • But instead of shooting to the surface, as he naturally expected, Bill found himself held fast in an interminable network of stems and roots.
  • Watching him from the network window, Amaryllis felt her heart drooping, she knew not why, and went back to her drawing unstrung.
  • Though thickest and most abundant on the inner and outer surfaces of the body, every particle of the body substance is shot through and through with a network of these tiny tubes.
  • Activists of all stripes now have the freedom and facility to network and organise across vast geographical, national, racial and even ideological differences.
  • During the resting stage this chromatin material may have the form of a thread, or may form a network of fibres (see Fig. 27).
  • This network has the power of absorbing certain kinds of stains very actively, and is consequently deeply stained when treated as the microscopist commonly prepares his specimens.
  • It is then taken up by the cells of the mucous coat of the intestines and passed into the network of tiny blood-pipes surrounding them, between the lining of the bowels and their muscular coat.
  • Within the scaffoldings now towered the walls of the cathedral, and what had been a network of girders and cantilevers and gantries and bridges became a building with floors, a ship with decks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Network | Network Sentence

  • Their law is a network of fictions.
  • Do you see the fine network of veins?
  • Armentieres in those days was practically a network of our gun emplacements.
  • What network of crime and mystery is this that is thrown around him?
  • Outside of the case there is an iron cage surrounded by a network of wire.
  • They are composed of a network of air-vessels, blood-vessels, and nerves.
  • Once again Florence figured prominently in this network of criminal plots.

Definition of Network

(intransitive) To interact socially for the purpose of getting connections or personal advancement. | (transitive) To connect two or more computers or other computerized devices. | (transitive) To interconnect a group or system.
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