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  • And what can we understand as the basis of neurotic fear?
  • There were vague neurotic disturbances, etc., etc.
  • As if by magic, the neurotic {276} crises disappeared.
  • He would be a lover with all the empty ardour of the neurotic man.
  • Proceeding now to neurotic fear, what are its manifestations and conditions?
  • It is the neurotic who leads the world; he is a rebel and he is an idealist.
  • Though I know of no neurotic that would produce such effects as we saw.

How To Use Neurotic In A Sentence?

  • Some people have it only when they have gone through some disturbing neurotic experience.
  • These neurotic conditions can only be relieved by the will and diversion of attention.
  • By means of analysis we can assign one very general purpose to the neurotic symptom.
  • But let us rather wait until we have become acquainted with the field of neurotic symptoms.
  • They had never heard of the new psychiatry, and the neurotic was a strange creature to them.
  • Her entire body seemed in motion, surrendered to a neurotic and undirected energy.
  • Many a neurotic patient, particularly, will not be improved until his dreads are relieved.
  • He knows that the world contains not only neurotic misery, but also real, incurable suffering.
  • Another feature of the French treatment was that the neurotic patients should be {268} isolated.
  • It is not at all the content but the intensity of these neurotic phobias that appears strange to us.
  • The story of a neurotic spinster's half-realised passion for a woman friend.
  • Accordingly here is one of the motives which led us to deal with the study of the dream before we considered the neurotic symptom.
  • The more we penetrate to the meaning and purpose of neurotic symptoms, the less surprising will this seem to us.
  • Especially is the return to the first incestuous objects of libido a feature that the neurotic exhibits with positively tiresome regularity.
  • When, however, we undertake psychoanalytic treatment with a neurotic patient we proceed differently.
  • To be sure, there are all kinds of objections possible to the declaration that neurotic symptoms are substitutes for sexual satisfaction.
  • The analytic investigation of these conditions will enable us to judge reliably and impartially the part that the ego plays in neurotic illness.
  • As to the neurotic symptoms, we already know that they are the result of a conflict aroused by a new form of gratifying the libido.
  • Through this fixation of the libido the man did not become neurotic but perverse, a foot fetishist, as we say.
  • Apart from these neurotic dreads, quite unreasoning as most of them are, there are a series of what may be called intellectual dreads.
  • We could say far more about regression of libido if we took into consideration another group of neuroses: neurotic narcism.
  • The third form of neurotic fear confronts us with an enigma; we loose sight entirely of the connection between fear and threatening danger.
  • Her dress was the very latest dream of a neurotic Parisian modiste, and would have been seductive on a slender girl.
  • The answer to this question, however, may best be put off until we are in a position to consider a wider range in the forms of neurotic disease.
  • An unhappy lesbian and a neurotic man who hates women because his mother was promiscuous, marry to find a mutual "asylum".
  • Can we relate neurotic fear, in which danger plays so small a part or none at all, to real fear, which is always a reaction to danger?
  • The neurotic symptoms then have their meaning just like errors and the dream, and like these they are related to the lives of the persons in whom they appear.
  • Many neurologists are inclined to hold that neurasthenia demands a special predisposition and is therefore dependent upon a neurotic constitution of the brain itself.
  • The intangible nature of neurotic satisfaction and the neglect of the difference between imagination and reality are already determined by arrest in the phase of introversion.
  • Sometimes we almost receive the impression that the neurotic is not really afraid of the same things and situations that can arouse fear in us, and which he calls by the same name.
  • Those who are familiar with the pre-eminent qualities as a neurotic of electricity, will not be surprised to be told of the beneficial effects in the condition under consideration of electric baths.
  • Compulsion neurosis and hysteria are those forms of neurotic disease by the study of which psychoanalysis has been built up, and in whose treatment as well the therapy celebrates its triumphs.
  • Since we know nothing as yet about the closest relatives of the dream, neurotic symptoms, we must once again content ourselves with what has already been accomplished.

Definition of Neurotic

Affected with a neurosis. | (informal) Overly anxious. | (medicine) Useful in disorders of, or affecting, the nerves.
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