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  • Others should be repatriated or sent to neutral countries.
  • The whole is of a neutral color, but very clear.
  • They answer neutral and humble, though distinctly.
  • Now, of the few neutral Jagos: most lay low.
  • The United States was neutral and wished to remain so.
  • White a Neutral in Decorative Work, 45.
  • Black, a Neutral in Decorative Work, 45.
  • Gold, a Neutral in Decorative Work, 44, 45.
  • Other Allied | Neutral | British | Period.
  • Henceforth, then, neutral commerce was positively prohibited.
  • I have said that black, white, and gold are neutral as regards colour.
  • The exporter had to be an American or a subject of neutral Europe.

How To Use Neutral In A Sentence?

  • Yet a carpet must be neutral in its general effect, as it is the background on which objects rest.
  • Sodium hydroxide is strongly alkaline, while disodium phosphate is nearly neutral in reaction.
  • Those which could not reach home ports would be able to take refuge in snug neutral harbors.
  • A carpet, having to serve as a background to furniture, should be of a somewhat neutral character.
  • There have been many angry references to unfair German attempts to influence neutral opinion.
  • Hence, although nominally neutral in the great war, he bore the appearance of a French partisan.
  • A neutral reader may retort: You also are not impartial, for you are an Englishman!
  • The United States are accordingly the only neutral State in a position to supply war-material.
  • Margaret regarded me with that neutral expression behind which she was accustomed to wait for clues.
  • The carrying away of positive charges from a hitherto neutral body leaves that body with a negative charge.
  • The warriors to whom the execution of this sentence is committed must, however, be selected from a neutral district.
  • Sometimes the meaning is both narrowed and enlarged; and a good or bad sense will subsist side by side with a neutral one.
  • The walls were ugly with a cheap, flowered paper that had done its best to fade into inoffensive neutral tints.
  • By the sixth article of the treaty of 1871, three new rules were made for the government of neutral nations.
  • Nevertheless, in conjunction with the imports from neutral countries, they several times served to relieve the situation.
  • Even in neutral internment camps, though there the initial hostility is absent, misery and bitterness may become very great.
  • And still the monks were pacing backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, with a strange, neutral regularity.
  • If persisted in it would in such circumstances constitute an unpardonable offence against the Sovereignty of the neutral nation affected ...
  • On the other hand, the issue of the summonses forced many otherwise neutral men into the ranks of the Vigilantes.
  • With that proverb I cannot convince these who behold in the existence of neutral States a triumph of the rights of man.
  • I hated these elders in black broadcloth, with their neutral faces, going home piously to their Sunday dinners.
  • I have it from official sources that during the week ending 22nd April, 88 ships of 237,000 tons allied and neutral were lost.
  • Wilson hopes that this might be first stage in a peace movement on large scale, which he would introduce as head of leading neutral Powers.
  • The American shipowners quickly adapted themselves to the situation, and were soon {171} prosperously occupied in neutral commerce.
  • Miss MacLauren, on the neutral ground of a non-combatant, was expected by each to furnish the admiration and applause.
  • Along with this a message was sent to the British Government protesting against British restriction of neutral commerce.
  • Is it not just as neutral to purchase German bonds from the Germans as to purchase ships or our own railroad shares from Germany?
  • That for a year a blockade contrary to international law has kept neutral commerce away from German ports and made export from Germany impossible.

Definition of Neutral

Not taking sides in a conflict such as war; nonaligned. | Favouring neither the supporting nor opposing viewpoint of a topic of debate; unbiased. | (grammar) Neither positive nor negative.
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