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How To Use Nevada In A Sentence?

  • In Nevada we would say that these old men are too infernally gushing in their welcome to you.
  • We sailed some six or eight miles, and landed in a beautiful cove on the Nevada side.
  • We stopped for a couple of hours in Reno, Nevada and four of us headed for the nearest bar.
  • On the east the secondary range of the Sierra Nevada forms the Mariposan boundary.
  • The streets were paved, and on the main one, Nevada Avenue, there was plenty of business.
  • Then Jenvie asked Sedgwick if mining in Nevada was not mostly carried on by rough and rude men.
  • It intergrades with a somewhat larger, grayer shrew in the Sierra Nevada of California.
  • Yet in July 1913 four boats were towed by a launch out to the Nevada side, near to Glenbrook.
  • In California they are as three to one; in Nevada as eight to one; in Colorado, twenty to one.
  • Arizona and New Mexico north to Colorado and Nevada and east to southeastern California.
  • Southwestern United States from western Texas, southern California and Nevada southward.
  • He was not quite desperate enough to fancy being left alone on the Nevada desert with night coming on.
  • Southwestern United States from Texas to eastern California; north to southern Nevada and Utah.
  • He had realized his boyhood dream of returning to Nevada a rich and respected man with a fairy-princess sort of wife.
  • Clouds came up rapidly from the west, rushed by to the Nevada side where they piled up in great cumulous heaps.
  • Some days later the same boatman was out on the Nevada side with two gentlemen, who could not get a bite.
  • Under the streamlined plane's speeding body the gnarled, bomb-torn terrain of Nevada hurtled by.
  • They joined the exodus of miners for the Nevada mountains and were among the earliest to help to construct the Georgetown trail.
  • All Indians agree that the deer population in Nevada today is far greater than it was in the early years of this century.
  • Over large areas in Nevada and southeastern California the mean annual rainfall is less than 5 inches.
  • The silver-producing interest, at that moment on the eve of receiving an enormous accession of strength by the Nevada finds, made itself heard.
  • A start in the spring therefore allowed the traveler to surmount the Sierra Nevada mountains before the first heavy snowfalls.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nevada | Nevada Sentence

  • California and Nevada are new countries.
  • In 1853 hydraulic mining was inaugurated near Nevada City.
  • In Nevada I used to see the children play at silver-mining.
  • Mammals of the Alexander Nevada Expedition of 1909.
  • E Kern Peak, 9300 ft., Sierra Nevada Mts.
  • In Nevada and Arizona irregular areas of suitable elevation.
  • I never look out upon the face of Nevada that I do not think of that old man.
  • Paviotso, about 3,000 scattered in western Nevada and southern Oregon.
  • The Government of the new Territory of Nevada was an interesting menagerie.
  • West Virginia was admitted to the Union in 1863, and Nevada in 1864.
  • Culture Element Distribution, XIII: Nevada Shoshone.
  • After a week at Hamilton we went by train to Tonapah, Nevada to start flying.
  • Southeastern United States, from Colorado and Nevada southward.
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and the Cascade Range in Oregon.
  • E Kern Peak, 9300 ft., Sierra Nevada Mts., 1 (MVZ).
  • He's struck it rich in Nevada and is coming with a lot of money.
  • On either side the flat Nevada plain stretched away--empty.

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