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  • The consolidation was imperceptible in the murk, but nevertheless it took place.
  • Her voice had prepared him for a change of some sort, but he was nevertheless puzzled.
  • Nicaragua refused to be a party to the action, but the court nevertheless assumed jurisdiction.
  • It is nevertheless a face full of rugged strength, with not a little kindliness in the expression.
  • It was a style that Davenant would have scorned to imitate, but which nevertheless he envied.
  • I did not like the look of him at all; but nevertheless I decided to undertake the case.
  • Activity is increased; nevertheless the young still crawl, make suckling notes, and squeak.
  • How the Honorable Magistracy could nevertheless again appoint her is quite incomprehensible.
  • But our captain counts the image of God, nevertheless his image cut in ebony, as if done in ivory.
  • Careless of his own life and skin, nevertheless David Grief was possessed of no false hardihood.
  • Though there was no denying this fact, he could nevertheless use the reproach in its precise signification.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and arched his eyebrows in a kind of protest, which was nevertheless not denial.
  • Dan was by no means of a suspicious nature, nevertheless the glance haunted him for many a day after that.
  • It is a picture nevertheless of great ability, but with a gorgeous colouring ill suited to the subject.
  • Mustapha, who had been laughing in his sleeve at the strange idea of the pacha, was nevertheless not a little alarmed.
  • During the long succession of agitated ages which have elapsed since, mankind has nevertheless amassed untold treasures.
  • No, she could not say she had not been warned; but nevertheless the result promised to be quite different from what she had expected.
  • The reprieve would come, of that he was certain, but nevertheless he was beginning to feel the severity of the strain.
  • She was forced to ask directions several times before she got very far, but nevertheless she made fair progress.
  • He was nevertheless not wholly awake, but retained a sort of sluggish consciousness which his dazed brain could not govern.
  • Some of the most absurd prophecies have nevertheless caused a perfect panic, extending in some cases throughout whole countries.
  • Too healthily genial to feel this want more than obscurely, he nevertheless had tried to remedy it by resorting to the obvious means.
  • This puzzled him not a little; nevertheless he ate with them, lay down among them, and presently slept.
  • It nevertheless serves as a good example of a well-organized association designed to unite the school and home interests of rural communities.
  • This parallelism, though not always so apparent as in the case presented, is nevertheless found running through all the codices.
  • Let the carpers say what they will, it is nevertheless only the super-earthly, be it ever so obscure, which charms and quiets the human heart.
  • And therein Fiechus presided as abbot; nevertheless throughout his diocese did he fully exercise the episcopal office.
  • There is nevertheless a special charm about these Seville houses, in spite of their remorseless whitewash, which makes life in them most pleasant.
  • While the temperature of the flame is not so high as that of the oxyhydrogen blowpipe, it nevertheless suffices for most chemical operations carried out in the laboratory.
  • Although this text is now for the first time offered to teachers of elementary chemistry, it has nevertheless been used by a number of teachers during the past three years.
  • While this gas is not poisonous unless present in large amounts, nevertheless air containing more than 15 parts in 10,000 is not fit for respiration.
  • But while admitting the universality of the adage, we are nevertheless at liberty to ascertain if we cannot make the burden of a particular man or class easier to bear by fitting it to the back.
  • John coloured up to his temples, a horrible suspicion darting through his mind; but he was nevertheless determined to carry off the situation in a high-handed manner.
  • These machines are automatic, but nevertheless they must be constantly watched by expert machinists to keep them in order and make sure of their turning out perfect work.
  • If a creditor is known to love money, as most men are, and he should nevertheless release his debtors; this would undoubtedly be an exhibition of his kindness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nevertheless | Nevertheless Sentence

  • An old-fashioned love story that is nevertheless modern.
  • Philippa, momentarily uneasy, was nevertheless rebellious.
  • It was nevertheless to prepare the lad for the future that was before him.
  • George laughed, but nevertheless repressed a sudden feeling of irritation.
  • McKay laughed; nevertheless he swallowed the bait and was pleased.

Definition of Nevertheless

(conjunctive) In spite of what preceded; yet.
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