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Short & Simple Example Sentence For New Era | New Era Sentence

  • Opening of a new era.
  • Then the new era came.
  • A new era was at hand.
  • A new era is dawning for them.
  • But a new era was about to dawn.
  • But the south has begun a new era.
  • A new era now began for the city.
  • A new era in politics had begun.
  • A new era in agriculture has dawned.
  • I may date a new era of my existence.
  • New era anticipated, 13.
  • With the new truth came a new era.
  • Our eyes are dazzled by the dawn of the new era.
  • It was the beginning of a new era among the people.
  • Then came a new era in the history of this curve.
  • Education for a new era; a call to leadership.
  • This invariably leads to a whole new era of competition.
  • New era atlas of the world; new maps.
  • The cricket, too, was quite a new era in our existence.
  • They ushered in a new era of Art.
  • A new era had come in France.
  • A new era was dawning for Saguache.
  • The cricket, too, was quite a new era in our existence.
  • The great harbinger of the new era was Galileo.
  • With Viotti was ushered in a new era in solo playing.
  • The tragedies of the night marked a new era in Saguache.
  • Then began a new era for the old ladies at the Home.
  • But now, I am entering upon a new era.
  • A new era begins, however, with the Codes.
  • From that period, therefore, a new era begins for Castile.
  • Nobody can lead in such a new era but the United States.
  • In Giovanni Pisano the new era was distinctly announced.
  • New Era, June 14, 1917.
  • Organization, then, is the Alpha and Omega of the new era.
  • The sixteenth began a new era, and under Philip II.
  • A new era was now inaugurated in the management of the school.
  • It was on the twenty-eighth year of the new era that he was married.
  • Now a new era of power has again enlarged the possibilities of manufacturing.
  • This work marks the commencement of a new era in sanitary science.

How To Use New Era In A Sentence?

  • May not this be the new era that is about opening in the progress of all things?

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