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  • Inside of a week we will have a new government.
  • Parma was then groaning under a new government.
  • How did the new government encourage manufacturing?
  • Financial support of the new government is impossible.
  • A new government has taken office in the mother country.
  • Men gave freely and without asking to the new government.
  • The new government could order individuals to pay taxes.
  • The people demand a new Government.
  • How did the new government of England regard Massachusetts?
  • Preparations were now made for the organization of the new government.
  • Neither revenge nor passion should have a place in the new government.
  • The new government was being formed with speed and decision.
  • But the leaders of the new government did not receive the petition with favor.
  • The new government have done me the honour to think me dangerous.
  • For what reasons was the new government made to assume the debts of the old?
  • The first acts of the new government lie in these honorable paths.
  • Then he constructed a new government, which he still called a republic.
  • You kept to your terms; the new government will keep to its bargain.
  • This will be to destroy the credit of the new Government in its birth.
  • Ultimately, the new government under Washington undertook a decisive campaign.
  • Under the articles a new government went into effect March 1, 1781.
  • The Confederation handed over a considerable debt to the new Government.

How To Use New Government In A Sentence?

  • A favorable occasion will arise to our new government of asserting this ground to themselves.
  • When the new government machine had smoothed down its bearings matters rapidly improved.
  • We are amazed therefore to find this lord the first sacrifice under the new government.
  • But the new government was strong enough to make treaties respected at home and abroad.
  • The new government had shown its strength, and had compelled people to obey the laws.
  • As soon as the new government was fairly established, a few simple enactments were published.
  • But many good men were afraid that the new government would really turn out to be a monarchy.
  • The treasury-board gives no hope of remittances, till the new government can procure them.
  • The new government at Canton has declined to recognize the contract as having any validity.
  • The new government, however, was not to be established entirely without disorder and strife.
  • The new government was especially displeased by the independent spirit shown by Massachusetts.
  • Nor do I see anything in the new government which threatens us with less firmness.
  • To the new Government, the famine that ensued was an assurance of subsistence and success.
  • I meant to get to work upon this whatever office I was given in the new government.
  • But the same inexorable fate overtook the new government in April as faced Kiamil in January.
  • Moreover, in the judgment of the world the experiment of the new government was foredoomed to failure.
  • A new government building was added, and both this and the church were surrounded by houses of the aristocracy.
  • The first act of the new government should be some operation, whereby they may assume to themselves this station.
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