New House In A Sentence

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  • Not move into the new house!
  • He is building a new house.
  • So it was that the new house was opened.
  • That spring they moved into the new house.
  • He had built himself a fine new house.
  • Like a new house built in the place.
  • Our new house was large and handsome.
  • Nor was his new house bare and unadorned.
  • Jeanne entered alone into her new house.
  • Could discuss plans new house.
  • And the carpenter had moved into his new house.
  • A new house had been built on the other farm.
  • And he was cutting logs for his new house.
  • In the spring the new house was built.
  • Hunt, got into your new house?
  • To dream of being in a new house is a sign of death.
  • Thick and high grew the walls of the new house.
  • How does the new house and garden look in the spring?
  • When the new house was done, there was a joyful homecoming.
  • With the new house, a new custom had been inaugurated.
  • It was getting into nice order, this new house of ours.
  • The new house, here, on the old estate.
  • Say, too, how you continue to like your new house.
  • The Longmans just installed in their new house.
  • The new house stood a little E. from the old palace.
  • The new House of Commons was very different from the old.
  • They had built their new house out on the North Shore.
  • We planned to be settled in the new house when they arrived.
  • They were occupying a new house not too far from the grocery store.
  • I have just received your second letter in praise of your new house.
  • I wonder if that old tramp is still camped out in the new house?
  • Back to the new house he swam with the pile of young willow shoots.
  • After the new house was finished they moved to it, and lived by themselves.

How To Use New House In A Sentence?

  • There was not the slightest flavor of this sentiment in our furnishing of our new house.
  • Write to a friend about the new house or apartment that your family has lately moved into.
  • It was a night at the end of the first week after the completion of the new house.
  • This he was now doing, and we expected to move into our new house before autumn.
  • It was costing him more than twice as much to maintain his new house as it had his old.
  • The new house had so far progressed that the gardeners were beginning to grass down the front.
  • We entered a new house and left it again without having found a suitable habitation.
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