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  • The new South investigated.
  • The New South is full of contradictions and paradoxes.
  • New South Wales . . .
  • Today a New South may be said to be everywhere apparent.
  • New South Wales, society in, 318.
  • But such is not the case in New South Wales.
  • The development of New South Wales has only just begun.
  • New South Wales, first printed book, 233.
  • Are bred to an immense extent in New South Wales.
  • In 1867 New South Wales gave them municipal suffrage.
  • In 1841, transportation to New South Wales ceased.
  • Missionaries, on the condition of New South Wales, 105.
  • Toombs, Robert, and New South, 192.
  • The New South by Holland Thompson 43.
  • You'll find it's generally admitted in New South Wales.
  • Then I came across to New South Wales.
  • The new South and the new Southwest mean a new St. Louis.
  • Journal of the Royal Society of New South Wales.
  • Cook, Capt., in New South Wales, 193.
  • Bananka, Warrego River, New South Wales.
  • New south-western boundary as proposed, following trade road.
  • New South Wales.
  • Amos Royson was of the new south entirely, but not its best representative.
  • Batavia to Sydney, New South Wales, by Swan River.
  • Here we find the dividing line between the Old and the New south.
  • Their hearts are in the present and prospective glory of the New South.
  • Batavia to Sydney, New South Wales, by Swan River, &c.
  • But a considerable portion of this comes from New South Wales.
  • The New South Welshman drawled out a dry expression of his own satisfaction.
  • There is a good deal of talent among our New South Wales troopers.
  • In this eventful period the colony of New South Wales is already far advanced.
  • It was somewhere in New South Wales, and every man was asleep in his bunk.
  • In both respects, however, it is at present surpassed by New South Wales.
  • Such are also said to be found in New South Wales and in Victoria.

How To Use New South In A Sentence?

  • A scream of rage went up from the cotton monopolists and industrial barons of the new South.
  • What I have just told is fairly representative of the new south throughout the cotton States.
  • It was her first meeting with such a type in the back-blocks of New South Wales.
  • For the next thirty years the politics of New South Wales were vigorous and variegated.
  • A new era for the South had dawned, and here properly begins the history of the New South.
  • The number of sheep in New South Wales alone was calculated in the last census at 536,891 head.

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