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  • The newcomers did not pursue them.
  • Two newcomers had arrived.
  • It is only the newcomers who get killed.
  • A stream of newcomers trickled in through the door.
  • Ivan turned upon the newcomers in surprise.
  • The newcomers had now approached within hailing distance.
  • Both of the newcomers held repeating rifles at the ready.
  • The brawl of voices drew newcomers from far and near.
  • Negro Newcomers in Detroit.
  • They are newcomers at the Mission, I believe.
  • The newcomers did so, and we were all glad of a breathing space.
  • And yet they stood there willing to give the newcomers the square deal.
  • His speech was Persian, but the newcomers both understood when he named them.
  • The newcomers made off to south-west, and the British followed.
  • It's a test I always apply to newcomers from America.

How To Use Newcomers In A Sentence?

  • At first there was a mutual understanding between the newcomers and the indigenous people.
  • The newcomers who were unsupplied with provisions had to eat what they could pick up.
  • The newcomers did not spend much time in establishing themselves comfortably or luxuriously.
  • Committees from these clubs met the train and helped the newcomers to find homes and work.
  • Visitors were so common in Chira that the newcomers attracted little or no attention.
  • The red chilepeppers were very helpful in assisting the newcomers to adapt to their new surroundings.
  • He was also provided with cards directing newcomers to the office of the league when in need of employment.
  • Resident negroes have also taken hundreds of newcomers into their own homes until rooms could be found for them.
  • They were still outside the circle of light, but it was plain to all that the newcomers were peasants.
  • And they stood with prying eyes, ready to judge the social standing of the newcomers from their furniture.
  • They spoke loudly, and looked at the newcomers and at the shore, showing themselves to be troubled.
  • In 1889 alone about 300,000 newcomers arrived and lent their aid in the promotion of industry and commerce.
  • The selling of half-developed homesteads to newcomers by older settlers was of constant occurrence in all the colonies during the colonial period.
  • Aged trees fell and rotted where they lay, and the roots of newcomers found substance among the heaped-up logs.
  • Truth to tell, the newcomers of this last class were not personally objectionable to the Californians.
  • Many of the impecunious newcomers schemed against me because I could not furnish them all with light work and heavy pay.
  • The newcomers were ordered to keep in the forecastle, and in the quarters under it, until the Swan was well away from land.
  • Uttering a howl of fear, the rogue would have fled, but, lifting his wand, the elder of the newcomers transfixed him to the spot.
  • They had far more than the share of hobnobbing with Royalty which falls to the lot of diplomatic newcomers in Berlin.
  • But Bennigsen, the commander of that column, had ready a fresh reserve, and with its aid the newcomers were repulsed.
  • The newcomers were looked upon as brethren, just coming into the "Promised Land.
  • No sooner were the introductions and first politenesses over between the newcomers and Larry, however, than Storm appeared.
  • He invited the newcomers to draw chairs to the table; glasses were called for, and a couple of fresh bottles of Canary went round the board.
  • A better idea as to the extent of the congestion made possible by this influx of newcomers may be obtained from the comments of observers in that section.
  • The newcomers could not restrain their tears, but all together proceeded to the church to return thanks for the conclusion of their perils and afflictions.

Definition of Newcomers

plural of newcomer
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