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  • His verses are of the newer sort.
  • The newer life createth out of life.
  • There was also no lack of newer comers.
  • No doubt, in newer places the thing has got to be so.
  • The newer kilns are constructed as shown in Fig.
  • The above all appear to belong to the newer tertiary formations.
  • The newer houses are prettier and more comfortable than their predecessors.
  • The trumpet call to war can never rouse this newer patriotism.
  • The boards of some of the newer shacks down river were still damp with pitch.
  • The newer methods depend upon the electrolysis of sodium chloride.
  • The men who held that stock wanted to come to the aid of the newer project.
  • The Bible was a much newer book, and bore but few marks of use.
  • The Croatian and Ukrainian groups are newer groups, and are therefore poorer.

How To Use Newer In A Sentence?

  • In other fields they do not show any reluctance in taking up the newer developments of method.
  • It is one of the periodicals of the newer art that does not descend to the popular taste.
  • There are indeed certain journals of a newer type which are doing their best to imitate us.
  • This older material in the newer philosophy is often used for curious purposes by many scholars.
  • In turn, these formed ever newer and widening distributing radii of investments.
  • A newer piece of hawser was produced, and the skiff despatched once more on its laborious errand.
  • The latter is the older and grander thought; the former the newer and better substantiated.
  • The newer forestry is awake to the need, and the loss may be made good, from this time forward.
  • St. Gall is one of the newer stations, but from the beginning it has been a work of promise.
  • She lifted one slim arm toward the newer Morrison stretched out along the river front.
  • But Mr. Merriam, now, seemed to have lost the issue of furs in the newer issue of boys.
  • The newer spirit; a sociological criticism of literature; with introd. by Ernest Boyd.
  • An important and valuable book on the newer views of the religious development of the child-life.
  • It would seem as if in the newer generations, the average housekeeper is not in the professional class at all.
  • Had she fallen so low as this, or had she risen to a newer height of character than she had ever known before?
  • There are still edifices standing to which time has given a beauty and tradition a sanctity which newer creations cannot possess.
  • Within recent years the artist has kept pace with some of the newer schools by brilliant experimentation in color and composition.
  • It was impossible for them to survive in the face of newer conditions, for they represented a bygone economic and social era.
  • The newer and cleverer flatterer takes for granted that he is extraordinary, and that therefore even ordinary things about him will be of interest.
  • It was fair to surmise that this once-urgent, once-vehement mother had developed a newer and more compelling interest.
  • Men still cling to an ancient conception of national honor; let us convince them that there is a newer and higher conception.
  • The lawyer thought it worth noting, however, that the rag was certainly newer and cleaner than the chopper.
  • They seemed pagan in a newer and more placid sense; and he felt a newer and more boyish curiosity and courage for the consulting of the oracle.
  • Yet somehow the Century of early times impresses newer generations as having been tremendously portentous and dignified.
  • Still Walters hesitated, pointing out that the boots he had brought his master were newer and sounder.
  • For, dangerous as the heresy of style was forty or fifty years ago, the newer heresy of sylelessness is more dangerous still.
  • New gods are constantly springing up; the old ones are constantly receiving new titles and forming new unions with each other or with newer gods.

Definition of Newer

comparative form of new: more new More recent.
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