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  • Rah for the next President!
  • People were looking to him as the next President, despite his great age.
  • This fall the election will be held for the next President; and that will show.
  • Who will be the next President?"
  • Everybody, get a drink; a toast to our next President, Kurt Fawzi!"

How To Use Next President In A Sentence?

  • Immediately after the popular election, a whole month before the meeting of the electoral college, we know who is to be the next president.
  • It was the opening week of that mid-autumn month in which it became evident that Abraham Lincoln would be the next president.
  • Had Gambetta lived till 1885 he would probably have been the next president of the Republic he had established and preserved; but it was not to be.
  • In the summer of 1863 Chase was seriously talked of as the next President, and before the end of the year Chase clubs were being organized in all the large cities to promote his candidacy.
  • It fell thus to the lot of the Federalist House of 1800-1801 to choose the next President, and for a while the members showed an inclination to support Burr, as at least a Northerner, rather than Jefferson.
  • The fate of institutions may hang on the precise temperament which our next president shall have inherited from his mother." CHAPTER XXIX.
  • The intention is to elect the next President, when there is to be an immediate end made of all foreigners; they will drown the Dutchmen in Lager Bier, pelt the Irish to death with potatoes, and pen up all the Frenchmen in second-hand flat-boats, and send them over Niagara Falls.
  • "You are quite right," he said; "the Graham Glacier would be the safest place for you if our next president is to be the Lady of the Tigers."
  • a la carte_, and mixing up one's dinner with heaps of newspapers, and the 'solution' by Emile de Girardin, who suggests that the next President should be a tailor.
  • "And then their language, Samantha, it is fixed in such a fool way that when they want a word different, they yell up the same word louder and that makes it different, as if I wuz to say to Ury kinder low and confidential, 'I shall be the next president, Ury;' and then I should yell up the same words a little louder and that would mean, 'Feed the brindle steer;' there hain't no sense in it.
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