Nibbling In A Sentence

Definition of Nibbling

present participle of nibble | The act or sound of one who nibbles. | A small adjustment or encroachment.

How To Use Nibbling In A Sentence?

  • They are almost all smoking or nibbling at the provisions they have brought for the voyage.
  • The seated man was nibbling a piece of venison on a broiling stick and did not look up.
  • In a short time the nibbling sound was again heard, and he again enquired what she was eating.
  • He took a biscuit out of his knapsack and began nibbling it, as became a true rodent.
  • Billy used to improve his time by nibbling barley while I watched birds in the sycamore corridor.
  • Sheep were grazing on the plain, and nibbling the golden buds that the spring sunshine had brought to the broom.
  • Already he was nibbling at other pleasures, and with a youngster of his kind one or two nibbles mean three or four.
  • In another a big white rabbit which had been caught while nibbling the young tops of the spruce boughs with which the trap was enclosed.
  • All day long it was nibbling the green leaves, and leaf after leaf disappeared before it with wonderful rapidity.
  • Instead of bold tearing-down and rebuilding, there has been nibbling and tinkering, and even then, too late.
  • Rita, in dishabille, lay across the foot of the bed nibbling bonbons and reading the evening paper.
  • It has a muzzle and very soft, dainty, long nibbling lips like a deer that nibbles on twigs and buds.
  • In the rear is a small donkey, covered all over with culinary utensils, nibbling fat cactus-leaves with undisguised satisfaction.
  • Then, when he was tired, he wandered about, nibbling now and then at a tempting bunch of grass, but mainly exulting in his freedom.
  • Little Eugene was crying at the pain caused by an attack of mumps, while nibbling at a slice of bread and butter.
  • And there he sat all breakfast-time, twitching his tail, and nibbling little bits of sugar, and watching me with such a pair of eyes!
  • Half a mile from the shanty Peter shot a swamp hare that was nibbling a spruce trunk, and a little way farther he secured another.
  • Many a hunter, temporarily lost in Southern woods, quenches his thirst by nibbling young shoots of the sour-wood.
  • Beside him, tied to a palm, knelt the camels, and before him, nibbling a last tangerine, Arlee was sitting.
  • But the hillsides were taking on an emerald tint, and groups of cows were wandering about as if patiently waiting for the grass to grow into nibbling length.
  • This island was let to another man, but he was not able to resist the tenants any more than the mouse nibbling a piece of cheese is able to fight a cat.
  • In a mysterious manner sheep appeared in thousands wandering across the plains, nibbling this wonderful and succulent food from which they had been so long debarred.
  • We drove to it through a park of noble timber, where graceful deer were nibbling the aristocratic turf or making inquisitive researches among the rabbit warrens.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nibbling | Nibbling Sentence

  • He is ever nibbling at our power.
  • Nine nimble noblemen nibbling nasturtiums.
  • This through the dainty nibbling of the coveted wing.
  • And the nibbling and the sigh brought them cakes galore.
  • The nibbling of a mouse once set a lion free.
  • She goes on nibbling around the original attacking-point.
  • Sheep and goats came nibbling against the old altar steps.
  • He turned away and went nibbling the unaccustomed luxuries.
  • At any rate, Skipper left off nibbling grass.
  • No, 'tis not a nibbling mouse!
  • Old ladies with agitated faces were buying pillows and nibbling biscuits.
  • The lady kept nibbling at her fan, while the gentleman yawned.
  • She kept nibbling at a pomegranate, with her elbow resting on the table.
  • A mouse nibbling clothes was a sign of disaster, if not death, to the owner.
  • Who, with the angle in his hand, Swings the nibbling fry to land.
  • In far fields of sphery crops, Nibbling stars like clover-tops.
  • He walked silently in front, nibbling the grasses, which He plucked.

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