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  • The first battle of his Nicaraguan campaign ended in the most complete disaster.
  • And as they glanced back, they saw the Nicaraguan government troops advancing across it.
  • In 1849 he obtained from the Nicaraguan Government a charter for a steamship company.
  • Standing quietly, with his hands on his hips, Dick awaited the attack of the Nicaraguan.
  • More than that, he says, the Nicaraguan canal route is in danger because it is in the eruption zone.
  • He twisted it fiercely, and the Nicaraguan gave a cry of pain as he released his hold on the knife and stepped back.
  • In the early autumn another Nicaraguan expedition was nipped in the bud by the vigilance of American naval forces.
  • For a moment she considered the advisability of advancing and lending Dick a hand, then concluded that he was more than a match for the Nicaraguan.
  • According to the Nicaraguan constitution, every male inhabitant over eighteen years of age, criminals excepted, is entitled to the suffrage.
  • Dick staggered, and Shirley gave utterance to a scream, while a laugh of derision came from the Nicaraguan.
  • By the terms of its charter it had agreed to pay to the Nicaraguan Government ten thousand dollars annually, and ten per cent of its net profits.
  • As an auxiliary measure to the Nicaraguan Canal, it will tend very powerfully to unite the Atlantic and the Pacific states.
  • The Nicaraguan forces were now in full retreat, and as Dick would have led Shirley forward toward the town, a single figure burst into sight.
  • Admiral Walker himself, as president of the former Isthmian Commission, and as president of the Nicaraguan Board, favored a lock canal.
  • After the revolutionary movement was thus overthrown, Secretary Knox negotiated a new treaty for the purpose of helping the Nicaraguan government out of the financial straits in which it found itself.
  • The Nicaraguan rushed at him, but Dick stepped lightly aside, and as the man went by, carried on by the impetus of his rush, Dick struck out straight and true from the shoulder.
  • Mr. Jose de Marcoleta, the Nicaraguan Minister to the United States, was an elderly and punctilious Spaniard.
  • Shirley followed Dick's command and withdrew a short distance, although she was still in plain sight of the infuriated Nicaraguan.
  • Since 1835 there have been six eruptions in Nicaragua, one of them, in 1883, being an outbreak in the crater of Omotepe in Lake Nicaragua, the route of the proposed Nicaraguan canal.
  • The company, however, held its property at a much higher value, or some $109,000,000, which the Commission considered exorbitant, and thus the only alternative was to recommend the construction of a canal by way of the Nicaraguan route.
  • The collectorship of customs was immediately established in Nicaragua without waiting for the ratification of the treaty by the Senate, and through the efforts of the State Department American bankers made preliminary loans to the Nicaraguan government.
  • With the exception of the Nicaraguan representative, the judges upheld the contention of the plaintiffs that the defendant had no right to make any such concessions without previous consultation with Costa Rica, Salvador, and Honduras, since all three alike were affected by them.
  • The Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the Nicaraguan route, the utilizing of a lake of large extent, and finally the narrow band of land and mountain chain at Panama, each offers distinct advantages peculiar to itself, with corresponding disadvantages or local difficulties not met with in the others.
  • Most of us have probably forgotten the details of that Nicaraguan landing; but--unless they have been jacked out lately--a company of those marines are still there, looking out for American interests.
  • The minority of the Senate committee of 1902 in their report, summing up the final reasons in favor of the Panama route (section 12), said: At Panama earthquakes are few and unimportant, while the Nicaraguan route passes over a well-known coastal weakness.
  • An American corporation known as the Accessory Transit Company, of which the first Cornelius Vanderbilt was president, had obtained a concession from the Nicaraguan Government to transport passengers across Central America by this route.
  • Appreciating that, under the circumstances, it was about as easy for him to land on Nicaraguan soil as it was to land on the moon, Walker, with a hundred of his devoted followers, slipped silently out of Mobile harbor on an August night in 1860, and landed, a few days later, on a little island off the coast of Honduras known as Ruatan.
  • Britain was threatening to force the payment of its claims and certain German interests, which were operating banana plantations in Costa Rica, were trying to secure from the Nicaraguan government a concession for the construction of a canal from the Great Lake to the Atlantic along the San Juan river.
  • Preoccupied, however, with numerous and more pressing cares in many quarters of the world, and overweighted in a universal struggle with outnumbering foes, Great Britain could spare but scanty forces to her West India Islands, and from them Governor Dalling could muster but five hundred men for his Nicaraguan undertaking.
  • Turning his steps toward Latin America again, he joined William Walker in his ill-fated Nicaraguan adventure, and after that leader's execution in Honduras he offered his sword and services to Juarez, and helped to win for him the presidency of Mexico.
  • At this stage of the negotiations matters were further complicated (1) by the negotiation of the Cass-Yrissari treaty of November 16, 1857, between the United States and Nicaragua for protection of the transit route and (2) by the invasion of Nicaraguan territory by a band of filibusters under General Walker, bent on the subversion of the lawful government of the country.
  • Disturbances on the Route of the Proposed Nicaraguan Canal--San Salvador is Shaken--Mexican Cities Suffer.= Central America is continually being disturbed by subterranean forces.
  • The Nicaragua Canal Commission, under the chairmanship of Rear-Admiral John G. Walker, appointed July 24, 1897, under the authority of a provision in the sundry civil act of June 4 of that year, has nearly completed its labors, and the results of its exhaustive inquiry into the proper route, the feasibility, and the cost of construction of an interoceanic canal by a Nicaraguan route will be laid before you.
  • The Isthmian Commission, therefore, recommended to Congress the purchase of the property, but the majority of the Senate Committee on Interoceanic Canals disagreed, and it is only to the courage and rare ability of the late Senator Hanna and his associates, as minority members of the committee, that the nation owes the abandonment of the Nicaraguan project, the acquirement of the Panama Canal rights at a reasonable price and the making of the project a national enterprise.
  • "Come with me," cried the Nicaraguan officer quickly, "if you go on you will be hurt.

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  • The Nicaraguan crumpled up in a heap on the ground.
  • The Nicaraguan did likewise, and sprang back.
  • Chairman of Nicaraguan Canal Commission, 63.
  • Great Britain, negotiations with, on Nicaraguan Canal referred to, 338.
  • A plan for a Panama, or, rather, a Nicaraguan Canal was seriously discussed.
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