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  • She put on an evening gown, but with none of her old niceness of detail.

How To Use Niceness In A Sentence?

  • There was no niceness of feeling about this mountain of obesity in matters of business.
  • Did she lack a certain sense of niceness which warns women as to what they may or may not do?
  • I have endured hardships which would paralyze your pampered niceness to hear described.
  • Nor was it for a moment the "dearie" kind of niceness that made you feel it was orders from above.
  • Though cooks are often men of pregnant wit, Through niceness of their subject few have writ.
  • Their bond was hardly more than a mutual decency of nature, niceness of sentiment, clearness of eye.
  • Renoux was beside her, very deferential and graceful in his attendance, and with that niceness of attitude which confesses respect in every movement.
  • She should maintain the same niceness and reserve in her person and habits, and endeavour still to preserve a freshness and virgin delicacy in the eye of her husband.

Definition of Niceness

Pleasantness, especially of behaviour or personality; agreeableness. [from 19th c.] | (obsolete) Silliness; folly. [16th c.] | Effeminacy; indulgence in soft living or luxuriousness. [from 16th c.]
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