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  • The very nicest of them grinned.
  • I feel now that he was one of the nicest men in history.
  • She was the nicest little thing you ever saw.
  • The nicest candles, are run in moulds.
  • Mother is the nicest person I know in all the world.
  • I think it is the nicest old house I ever saw.
  • I find him the nicest thing about Mrs. West.
  • Oh, it's the nicest place!
  • Why, that's one of the nicest parts of it all.
  • If he had wished for the nicest supper it would have been different, no doubt.
  • A bright red color is essential in order to produce the nicest effect.
  • His step took on alertness; his face lighted in the very nicest way.
  • Yet he was a nice boy; the nicest and most sought-after boy in the class.
  • It's the nicest thing I ever did.
  • But he answered, "The nicest under the sun!
  • His wife war de nicest and sweetest lady dat eber I did see.
  • I think my Duke's the very nicest face I know.
  • My ole man's got two ob de nicest mules you eber set yer eyes on.
  • I am well and happy, and I've just thought up the nicest thing to do.
  • I do think they are three of the nicest girls I've ever met, Mother.

How To Use Nicest In A Sentence?

  • Bruce looked up with his nicest smile and laid his strong hand over hers on his chair-arm.
  • It was sometimes said that this old nursery, now the schoolroom, was the nicest room in the house.
  • They picked out four strong horses, and loaded them with dried meat, the nicest pieces.
  • To Garth and Natalie the nicest thing about this boy was the way he took her presence for granted.
  • He is the very nicest boy I know; but I am like a mother or an elder sister to him.
  • Why, the nicest little pile of green twigs, all cut ready to use, and Johnny Chuck cutting more.
  • Quarles had a word or two with her before seeing her visitors, and learnt that they were the nicest and quietest people she had ever had.
  • It was done in the nicest way possible, with a manner that any woman would like to have wait on her.
  • The questions he discussed had been discussed from the earliest times, and with an acumen that had searched out the nicest points of definition.
  • He loathed superstition, cant and snobbery and said so in a way that gave much pain to the nicest people.
  • To the east, right where the nicest houses is, the parson was plannin' to import his fambly.
  • One of them (the nicest of all) told me to-day he had never been so completely bowled over in his whole existence!
  • Put the nicest articles in the wash-dish, and wash them in hot suds, with the swab or nicest dish-cloth.
  • Sometimes a long raft of boards comes along, requiring the nicest skill in navigating it through the narrow passage left by the mill-dam.
  • Some of the nicest portions of the meat were sliced off and put on a platter to send to the great house for Boss and his family.
  • But it would need the nicest balancing and calculation, not a minute to be lost, everything to be measured and jointed together beforehand.
  • I expect I shall know all the nicest girls in the place; they are going to call on me most likely this evening.
  • On another side of the shop was a lathe, a curious sort of a machine, that the corporal used a great deal, in some of his nicest work.
  • Mind, person, habits, all were regulated with the nicest method, and she knew as little of hurry as of delay, and as little of both as of passion.
  • Joe had cut some of the nicest steaks and the best parts of the tenderloin from the carcass of the antelope, and these were quickly transformed to the most savory of broils.

Definition of Nicest

superlative form of nice: most nice | superlative form of nice: most nice
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