Nickname in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Nickname

1. But the nickname abides. 🔊

2. He was known by a nickname only. 🔊

3. The nickname is the idiom of nomenclature. 🔊

4. They carry the proud nickname of kirekers. 🔊

5. The nickname of the machine gunners had frightened him. 🔊

6. A fellow gave me the nickname one day. 🔊

7. The Russian nickname for the bear. 🔊

8. Hence my nickname of Arsene Lupin. 🔊

9. A nickname (from the apostle Peter) for a fisherman. 🔊

10. Morris (Moorish) is probably a nickname due to complexion. 🔊

11. My brother was to blame for my having to bear that nickname through life. 🔊

12. Once a nickname becomes attached to a watchman it seldom leaves him. 🔊

13. A boy's nickname and an humble dwelling. 🔊

14. He treated me cruelly in my youth, and fixed the nickname of goatherd on me. 🔊

15. To change the nickname of MADGE to Margarine. 🔊

How to use Nickname in Sentences?

1. Jusy gave himself his nickname when he was a baby, and it had always stuck to him ever since. 🔊

2. He received the nickname Ramelaer from his fondness for painting rabbits especially. 🔊

3. They nickname it "Popery", and the name expresses that which is to them most hateful. 🔊

4. We used to call him "Pongo," but without any better excuse for the nickname than his skin. 🔊

5. Once Bashful Ike had taken the bit in his teeth, his nickname never fitted him again. 🔊

6. Her nickname of "Paddy Pepper-box" stuck to her, and she certainly justified it occasionally. 🔊

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