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  • My niece refused him.
  • I was very angry with my niece before that.
  • My niece has been lost for a week!
  • My niece is entirely disengaged.
  • His young niece was solemn.
  • It was excellent advice that her niece had given her.
  • She had called her niece in for a little chat.
  • It was the niece of the landlady parting from her lover.
  • He looked at his niece with wide-open eyes.
  • And I want my niece to be happy.
  • Helena, niece of Duke Hoel of Brittany.
  • My niece is consecrating her every thought to the task that lies before her.
  • For a little time she held her niece silently in a motherly embrace.
  • His niece will have the plaything she desired, and will no longer mope.
  • You look after your niece and take her out, if you can, somewhere.
  • But, all things considered, I am justified in giving my niece to him.
  • This is Sinclair's niece with me, and I am his partner.
  • In this unhappy creature the holy Bishop Nicolas recognized his niece Mirande.
  • This chapter was written by my niece through marriage, Miss Elizabeth Robins.
  • I know I shall be proud to present my beautiful niece to New York society.
  • DEANE, My niece knows, and she insists upon going to London at once.

How To Use Niece In A Sentence?

  • This for my niece and this for the gifted artist who has honoured our festival.
  • Your fears would have prevented you letting your niece stop for a night in an unhealthy locality.
  • I told my niece so, the last time she allowed me the privilege of her conversation.
  • The young woman of the inn, niece of the landlady, came down and called out across the room.
  • She thought that her niece would ask George to come in and she would not be in the way.
  • I suppose," said he, "you would consider it necessary for me to tell my niece about this?
  • For some time I had taught the niece of an elderly lady, who was of noble family and very rich.
  • She knew that her niece had been pale, and she believed that it was on account of Professor Lane.
  • Mr. Sarsby and his niece walked slowly up a little side street which led into the Strand.
  • It was not long before Mrs. Scott called for her little niece and the two started for home.
  • When they parted, Mr. Loraine promised that his niece should visit her at no distant day.
  • Sigrid the daughter of Ketil Calf and of Gunhild, the niece of King Harald through her mother.
  • It was surprising that he should, on the other hand, object to his niece being so frequently in his company.
  • They paused near the door until the old man's niece appeared at the back of the shop.
  • The niece lay pensively gazing at the beams of the rising moon, as they trembled on the leaves of an aspen-tree before the lattice.
  • She was so quiet that her aunt was sure her little niece was overtired, and soon after supper sent the little girls off to bed.
  • But the Viscountess did not give her niece time to profit much by the stranger's civility.
  • Is it any wonder that I look upon what's done for my own niece as so much saved?
  • Aunt Emily thought otherwise, and was deeply grateful to them in her heart whenever they took her refractory niece safely out of her way.

Definition of Niece

A daughter of one’s sibling, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law; either the daughter of one's brother ("fraternal niece"), or of one's sister ("sororal niece").
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