Night Is In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Night Is | Night Is Sentence

  • Night is not terrible of itself.
  • Night is coming from the shore.
  • What a beast of a night is this!
  • The night is still theirs.
  • The night is still on.
  • The night is on the wane.
  • But the night is very tedious.
  • And the night is silent.
  • The night is delightful.
  • How fine the night is!
  • The night is very dark.
  • What sort of a night is it?
  • The night is as a spell.
  • Night is creeping up over the land.
  • Fortunately the night is dark.
  • To-night is the time.
  • Night is a calm adviser.
  • The night is young yet.
  • The night is far spent.
  • Though the dark night is near.
  • The night is yet young.
  • The night is half gone.
  • The night is horribly cold.
  • The night is almost gone.
  • The night is sultry and silent.
  • To-night is the great dance.
  • The night is source of pleasure.
  • The thought of this night is terrible to me.
  • And smoke till night is here.
  • The night is growing darker.
  • The music of the night is rising up!
  • The night is as dark as pitch.
  • The night is not yet old.
  • A first night is not conclusive.
  • To-night is the new moon.

How To Use Night Is In A Sentence?

  • Whence on our hearts a horror of night is fallen.
  • One night is fixed for ever in my memory.
  • This night is truly some strange dream.
  • The contrast in a clear night is very pleasing.
  • My action of last night is only the beginning.
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