Nine Days In A Sentence

How To Use Nine Days In A Sentence?

  • The principal ceremonies are those that require nine days and nine nights in their performance.
  • I am looking forward every hour to those miraculous nine days which we are to have together.
  • Each one of the nine days had been marked by some miracle, in the pursuance of her object.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nine Days | Nine Days Sentence

  • Thus for nine days more they chattered.
  • We were now nine days from the wagons.
  • They exercised for thirty-nine days.
  • Then not to go down the same road for nine days.
  • Nine days we marched and slept in this manner.
  • We had come 307 miles in nine days.
  • The search-party remained for nine days.
  • For nine days the retreat went steadily on.
  • He did not hope for even the proverbial nine days.
  • The army had been nine days without meat.
  • And what changes might not have occurred in nine days!
  • Nine days were spent in hearing this mass of evidence.
  • Some like it in the pot, nine days old.
  • It was then fifty-nine days since she was first taken ill.
  • The nine days wonder, the operation dynamo.
  • It was the same as Sunday at our house for nine days.
  • Pease-porridge in the pot Nine days old.
  • For nine days and nine nights Hermod rode on.
  • For nine days Peggy wrestled with the destroying angel.
  • Some like it in the pot, Nine days old.
  • In that way I spent nine days in anxious suspense.
  • It was nine days since Miss Jane had disappeared.
  • They made the voyage to New York in nine days.
  • Zogal's nine days' halt in Bara soon came to an end.
  • For thirty-nine days, Hubert de Burgh remained within.
  • It had not even been a nine days' wonder.
  • It was the nine days' wonder of the community.
  • Any softness which had crept into me during my nine days of happiness has gone.
  • The story was a nine days' wonder.
  • In all the hospitals it would be a nine days' gossip.
  • For thirty-nine days the head remained in its favourite corner.
  • The cavalry were nine days on the road, and grumbled then!
  • It made me a nine days' wonder with the students.
  • They spent nine days in the castle of the eagle with the third sister.
  • The eschars separated in nine days leaving the wounds healed.
  • It proved difficult to keep her in bed for nine days after her confinement.
  • In 1116 nearly the whole town was consumed by a fire that lasted nine days.
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