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  • But the ninth is her particular victim.
  • My ninth is in cape, but not in coat.
  • The eighth and ninth volumes followed only in 1848.
  • Over ninth column, lower division.
  • Over ninth column, middle division.
  • The wedding was set for the ninth of May.
  • From the sixth hour to the ninth Jesus was silent.
  • My ninth is in county, but not in State.
  • Translated from the Ninth Paris Edition.
  • After the ninth move, the nest will be with one of the same colour.
  • A small astronomical objective penetrates to the eighth and ninth orders.
  • Warre (1526) and the other of the ninth of that line (1554).
  • In the first half of the ninth Harvard went at it to make some more runs.
  • It seemed to us poor devils of the old Ninth that everything was going wrong.
  • He was the ninth abbot of Iona, of which Columba was the first.
  • Alfred the Great, of England, lived in the eight and ninth centuries.
  • The town was most largely represented in the Ninth and Twenty-first Regiments.
  • On the ninth day of April, 1865, General Lee surrendered to General Grant.

How To Use Ninth In A Sentence?

  • Two chantry chapels stand opposite each other under the ninth pier-arches of the nave.
  • According to some authorities, coal was used in England as early as the ninth century.
  • The ninth dawn was cold and black, with a great sea running, and every mark of foul weather.
  • What, then, is the subject of which the apostle treats in the ninth chapter of Romans?
  • This have I written to you, the day before the ninth of the, calends of September.
  • The last five years of the ninth decade were spent by Dr. Koch in experimentation on this subject.
  • This was practically true of the Second and Ninth Corps, which had made the assault.
  • The land thus marked extends from what is now Waverly Place to what is now Ninth Street.
  • In the ninth bay of the nave, on the south side, is the chantry of Treasurer Hugh Sugar.
  • And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani?
  • It connects with the ninth and tenth pairs of nerves, and is distributed to the muscles about the neck.
  • In the ninth month it is still difficult to recognize definite syllables among the more varied utterances of sound.
  • The end of the ninth century and the beginning of the tenth were remarkable for the invasions of the Northmen.
  • A field-glass shows that this twinkling is produced by a pretty little row of three stars of the eighth and ninth magnitudes.
  • Away in the far distance he could see the tor which rose up behind the ninth hole, at the golf links.
  • The ninth chapter of the first book of Samuel gives an instructive glimpse into the nature of the prophets.
  • AND it was about the sixth hour, and darkness was upon the face of the whole earth until the ninth hour.
  • At this point, to speak frankly, I began to hope that the ninth mile would prove to be a short one.
  • It grows vigorously, acts like it, and looks like it, and it has not blighted up to the ninth year of age, beginning to bear about the fourth year.
  • This Amemnengon is supposed to have reigned before Sesostris, because the author wrote in the ninth year of the reign of the latter.
  • He is happier in his rĂ´le of Ninth Philosopher: he here attains a true expression of what is happening in the world of modern art.
  • Our corps alone numbered probably twelve thousand men at that time, and the Ninth Corps was there besides.

Definition of Ninth

The ordinal form of the number nine. | to lose a ninth | to divide by nine
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