Nipples In A Sentence

Definition of Nipples

plural of nipple

How To Use Nipples In A Sentence?

  • The chest is a fourth, and from the nipples to the top of the head is the same.
  • Secondly, the nipples should be kept clean by being washed after every nursing.
  • He remarks upon the surprising number of deformed nipples encountered in the hospitals.
  • The discomfort is greatly increased if the skin that covers the nipples is tender and delicate.
  • From her pale nipples issued whitish droplets, mingled with blood, which slowly ran down her ribs.
  • We have pointed out how best to guard against such an occurrence, in treating of the care of the nipples during pregnancy.
  • If the tender or chapped condition of the nipples interferes with free nursing, this condition must be promptly remedied.
  • Fissured nipples sometimes do harm to the infant, by causing it to swallow blood, disturbing in this way the digestion.
  • If the nipples are flat, they can be pulled out gently each day with the fingers, and thus the difficulty entirely remedied.
  • New nipples should be boiled for five minutes; but it is unnecessary to repeat this every day as they soon become so soft as to be almost useless.
  • This sculpture also seems to represent an animal head, the ears being indicated by the short nipples and the nose by the long one.
  • After using, nipples should be carefully rinsed in cold water and kept in a covered glass containing a solution of borax or boric acid.
  • There are two nipples a little below the navel, which the female has a power of drawing in, so as to leave holes large enough to admit the finger.
  • The top apparently represents an animal head indicated by three nipples the larger of which is interpreted as representing the nose, the others as indicating the ears.
  • If the nipples be rough or nodulated in appearance, like a strawberry or a raspberry, they are more apt to become excoriated or fissured than if they present a smooth surface.
  • If the nipples are retracted or drawn inward, they can be drawn out painlessly by filling a pint bottle with boiling water, emptying it and quickly applying the mouth over the nipple.
  • Nothing of such an origin was to be noticed, however, except the purple color of her lips, and the dark nipples of her elongated breasts, which were as supple as if they were on springs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nipples | Nipples Sentence

  • How should nipples be cared for?
  • What sort of nipples should be used?
  • But it is important that the nipples should be well developed.
  • Only simple straight nipples which slip over the neck of the bottle.
  • It appears on the nipples of the cows in the form of irregular pustules.
  • The condition of the nipples and of the breast may not permit of nursing.
  • Then she took a knife, and cut one of the nipples from her breast.

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