Nobly In A Sentence

Definition of Nobly

In a noble manner.

How To Use Nobly In A Sentence?

  • In life, for years, he nobly obeyed both these laws.
  • I must confess it, Of me so nobly too.
  • I'm sure he's nobly born and nurtured, sire.
  • And the Dutch have been nobly hospitable!...
  • Have we not held the Barbarians back nobly at Artemisium?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nobly | Nobly Sentence

  • Nobility more nobly to repay?
  • And right nobly they did it.
  • How nobly do you stand!
  • And die nobly for them all.
  • They are nobly deserved.
  • Who nobly yield their lives in this.
  • I think more nobly of women.
  • Very nobly spoken indeed!
  • And he nobly fulfilled his determination.
  • He has nobly earned the title!
  • It had stood up nobly to his assault.
  • Have we not endured nobly this morning?
  • Butterfly rose nobly to the occasion.
  • She stood so nobly meek.
  • His company stood nobly by him.
  • Diana rose nobly to do battle.
  • He thought more nobly of both church and king.
  • I understand he has nobly recovered from that fault.
  • She struggled nobly to support herself and children.
  • How nobly they responded to the call of duty!
  • They were so nobly tender in their outward forms.
  • Have they conquered us nobly in battle?
  • You meantime are as nobly laborious as ever.
  • Life was lived nobly here to give such beauty birth.
  • The mongrel cur had swum nobly for the shore.
  • You have done nobly in sustaining a work in their midst.
  • In gladly, nobly using this.
  • You nobly came, but will goe from thence base.
  • Life would be nothing but a hardship, nobly borne.
  • Such a well-bred woman, and nobly born!
  • The Cerf was very nobly fought.
  • How nobly does Liberty speak through him!
  • Well and nobly said, thou rare black swan!
  • This I have now nobly achieved.
  • My Dick only stands out more nobly than ever.

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