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  • In some nocturnal fear.
  • Studies of birds killed in nocturnal migration.
  • The guards were used to this pattern of nocturnal sounds.
  • A quantitative study of the nocturnal migration Of birds.
  • After this he was not seen again on any nocturnal expedition.
  • A word or two about the gentleman who paid me this nocturnal visit.
  • You understand nocturnal music, so you can be town musician.
  • They infest desert places, and are nocturnal in their habits.
  • They go up the nocturnal passage of the Jacob's-ladder.
  • Then Madam Gillin forbade even the solace of these nocturnal wanderings.

How To Use Nocturnal In A Sentence?

  • He dared not move lest the creaking of the timbers should alarm the nocturnal visitors.
  • Her actions when thus engaged were furtive and secretive, like those of some nocturnal animal.
  • Lucifugous: fleeing the light: applied to nocturnal forms or those that live in concealment.
  • His nocturnal studies continued to arouse interest even after the return to London.
  • But Charley dismissed the idea as idle fancy, for the nocturnal stillness was unbroken.
  • What a sight was that, which the eye of History saw, in the sudden nocturnal sun-blaze!
  • With nightfall had begun the nocturnal concert of animals driven from their hiding-places by hunger and thirst.
  • The spin of a coin had decided that he should remain on guard while the others paid a nocturnal visit to the island.
  • Such walls are no real protection, but serve to keep the flocks and herds from nocturnal depredators.
  • Fishes, snakes and nocturnal animals broke and rippled the sheen of the water's surface.
  • As gas-light is found to be the best nocturnal police, so the universe protects itself by pitiless publicity.
  • Addicted to such nocturnal studies, it was not likely that the old herb doctor and the pale student would remain unknown to each other.
  • And from the swamps came bellowings and stirrings from monster mud-encrusted bodies, awakening to their nocturnal quest for food.
  • The nocturnal clash and roar seems, if tradition speaks true, to have frequently lasted all through the night.
  • We were all at once possessed of the paralyzing fear that this nocturnal trespasser, or these nocturnal trespassers, might set our house on fire.
  • The skin is cool during the day, no pain is complained of; and no account has ever been given me of any nocturnal paroxysm of fever.
  • Mute witness of terrestrial destinies, her nocturnal flame watches over our planet, following it in its course as a faithful satellite.
  • On a Nocturnal View of the Planet Jupiter, and several of his Satellites, through a Telescope.
  • The boy was sitting up, staring with dilated eyes at the nocturnal scene, and stretching out his little arms as if to aid his defenseless mother.
  • Raiding parties on both sides took to ambuscades, nocturnal house-burning, hanging of prisoners, and downright massacres.
  • This solitary nocturnal singing, which could proceed from no other lips than those of the Canoness, instantly disarmed me.
  • This was plainly not the wing-stroke of a nocturnal bird; for no bird, big or little, could advertise its flight in such perfect pulsation.
  • Claude Drew blinked a little in the bright sunlight and had somewhat the air of a graceful, nocturnal bird emerging into the day.
  • And yet in itself, as I say, the strangeness of these nocturnal solitudes is not to be felt fully without the sense of contrast.
  • This painter saw the night only; his pictures whether mythological, historical, religious, or commonplace scenes, are always nocturnal ones.
  • The nocturnal assemblies for the celebration of these mysteries were but too often scenes of vice and debauchery, and they were discountenanced by all good governments.
  • Up to that moment Mr. Janney had forgotten all about his nocturnal vision; now it came back upon him with a shattering impact.
  • If the Cyprian and Hiram were arrested, the latter at least would surely try to save his life by betraying their nocturnal visitor.
  • For a time the leonine constitution of which he boasted resisted the effects of his nocturnal debauches, at least so far that no traces of them were visible the following morning.
  • After the king awoke, he was so confused that notwithstanding the deep impression made by his nocturnal experience, he could not recall to mind the dream itself.

Definition of Nocturnal

(of a person, creature, group, or species) Primarily active during the night. | (of an occurrence) Taking place at night, nightly. | A person or creature that is active at night.
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