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  • Now he nodded to her.
  • Wallie nodded comprehensively.
  • Archie nodded expressively.
  • Lessingham nodded thoughtfully.
  • Harding nodded sadly.
  • Helen nodded sympathetically.
  • Philippa nodded confidently.
  • Darrow nodded with a reluctant assent.
  • Helen nodded understandingly and hurried out.
  • His visitor nodded approvingly.
  • The vicar nodded benignly.
  • She nodded and they replaced the others.
  • He nodded familiarly to the chums.
  • His inquisitor nodded and cantered away.
  • Bowles nodded gravely and waited for him to go on.
  • The furniture man nodded his head assentingly.
  • Burckhardt nodded automatically, accepting the apology.
  • Captain Griffiths nodded sympathetically.
  • Constance Fellows nodded approval.
  • Sir Henry nodded a little impatiently.
  • Mrs. Horton nodded her head approvingly.
  • Sir Henry nodded affably and glanced towards the door.
  • Mr. Long nodded at Patricia as he addressed Elinor.
  • Ginger nodded at 'im.
  • The cowboy nodded gravely and squinched his humorous eyes at the fire.
  • After a few seconds of listening Bat nodded vigorously, and closed the door.
  • The hyacinth nodded fragrantly on its stalk, and Ida nodded in her chair.
  • Sir Henry, well inside the room, nodded to them both affably.
  • Mrs. Spicer nodded approval of Patricia's reckless course.

How To Use Nodded In A Sentence?

  • Burckhardt and two or three others got in and he nodded to them as the door closed.
  • Then he stepped to the door, looked down the street, and nodded in confirmation.
  • Gray nodded silently, and then went back to the horse and took the bags from the saddle.
  • The shadows nodded gently on the walls, and like a shadow the little old lady stole quietly away.
  • Mr. Hicks nodded sympathetically and understandingly, and returned the confidence.
  • Mrs. Myrtle had no voice to speak, but she nodded a number of times in compensation.
  • Captain Griffiths shook hands with Philippa, nodded to the others, and turned towards Lessingham.
  • Then we ran across the outfit here," and the speaker nodded toward the wagon and its contents.
  • Pep's engrossed auditors nodded silently, eager to hear the remainder of his story.
  • When she nodded amiably, he turned away and went out into the hall, where he found his father waiting.
  • Jolly smiled and nodded his approval as Frank told in detail of his negotiations with the supply houses in the city.

Definition of Nodded

simple past tense and past participle of nod
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