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  • But it has been noisier than usual in the daytime.
  • The young girls were merrier and noisier than usual.
  • The creek became noisier and more difficult to follow.
  • The evening had been a long and noisy one; longer and noisier than usual.
  • The next morning was noisier and gayer than anything Charmides had ever known.

How To Use Noisier In A Sentence?

  • The ball was taking a slightly rougher, noisier character as it approached the end.
  • As a whole, it was certainly noisier than of old; the shouting and laughter were incessant.
  • Brevoort raised the window, rolled a cigarette and smoked, gazing down on the street, which had become noisier toward midnight.
  • We did this business in our own way, to be sure, without bustle or boasting, and so were accounted slow by our noisier neighbors to the east and south.
  • I was a cheerful, lively boy, but perhaps somewhat noisier than was agreeable to my nurse, who could not think of any other means to quiet me than of giving me a fright.

Definition of Noisier

comparative form of noisy: more noisy
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