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How To Use Nonchalant In A Sentence?

  • When he saw who it was he came up with a rather swaggering and nonchalant effect.
  • She smiled bravely and looked as nonchalant as possible; but her heart was beating heavily.
  • He tried to assume a nonchalant air, but his hand shook as he replaced the glass on the tabouret.
  • When I came in, this nonchalant narrator was having the time of his young life.
  • He was a nonchalant youth, with a freckled, mask-like face, the expression of which never varied.
  • I convinced him by a nonchalant manner and story, that I had come by the idol accidentally.
  • Cette solution ne vous surprendra pas, vous qui me tenez pour le plus nonchalant des hommes.
  • Malone leaned against one wall, looking as nonchalant as it was possible for him to look in the nude.
  • His back was presented to my sight, but there was no mistaking the slim form and a nonchalant carriage.
  • He felt a great weariness concerning the situation, nonchalant scorn of what happened in the future of this woman.
  • A little while ago the motor-bus might have overturned a human cyclist or so, and proceeded nonchalant on its way.
  • With an air of nonchalant abstraction he went to stand in the neighborhood of the new arrival, conveniently at hand for an introduction.
  • Leaving him in a nonchalant attitude, she swept out like an offended princess, her satellite following in an eloquent silence.
  • Nothing more nonchalant and unconcerned than Dolph's drawling utterance could have been imagined.
  • It was hanging in the most easy nonchalant way by one hand from the branch of a tree, utterly indifferent to the fact that to drop was to die!
  • She was seated over across from him, her back to the engine, in an attitude which somehow suggested a highly nonchalant frame of mind.
  • It penetrated Tewfick's nonchalant guard and brought the unaccustomed color to his olive cheeks.
  • Fudge recalled that as he gripped his bat and faced Mason, trying hard to appear nonchalant and undismayed.
  • For once she lost her nonchalant demeanour, her free and easy speech, and stood nervously silent before him with hanging head and reddened cheeks.
  • I'm sure the girls of that time were nicer than they are nowadays,' he replied, calmly relapsing into his nonchalant attitude.
  • Notwithstanding his easy and somewhat nonchalant air, he is a true American in his active and restless disposition and his love for travelling.
  • Hadden heard him, and coming forward offered Cetywayo his hand in as cool and nonchalant a manner as he could command.
  • She received it all with a smiling and nonchalant grace, perfectly at her ease, it seemed, and ready to say the right thing to young and old.
  • One would think they lived in the same city block, so nonchalant was she over the round-up, but "only eighteen miles," she explained easily.
  • Raf clutched at the guide rail, the presence of which suggested that not all the users of this road were as nonchalant as the officer who tripped lightly ahead.
  • The next moment, with a nonchalant "So-long," the parting of the plains, he had dug the spurs into his horse and ridden away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nonchalant | Nonchalant Sentence

  • How nonchalant had been her cruelty the preceding night!
  • He raked in the chips with a nonchalant air.
  • Luke rose and pretended a nonchalant stretching.
  • Mrs. Failing herself raised the whip in a nonchalant way.
  • Blunt had calmed down suddenly and assumed a nonchalant pose.
  • The only nonchalant man of the lot was he who had actually used the weapon.
  • A nonchalant policeman on a superb horse occupied the middle of the road.
  • Cogswell flicked the baton, in his nonchalant answer to salute.
  • Patty sobered for a moment, but she hastily assumed a nonchalant air.
  • Back came the cheery and nonchalant reply: "All right!
  • London was no less nonchalant than Paris and St. Petersburg.
  • He was smoking with an air so nonchalant that his mother's heart sank.
  • Plume's satisfaction and nonchalant air vexed the Scotchman.
  • The spokesman seemed taken aback by Roland's nonchalant attitude.

Definition of Nonchalant

Casually calm and relaxed. | Indifferent; unconcerned; behaving as if detached.
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