Noncommittal In A Sentence

How To Use Noncommittal In A Sentence?

  • Joan decided that this could not, after all, be called a love-letter; or if so, it was of a noncommittal type distinctly piquing to the vanity.
  • I mount to a noncommittal vestibule and push an impersonal button, and after the other necessary preliminaries I find my friends.
  • As to advising Shandon as to the best thing to do now, the lawyer smiled one of his rare, noncommittal smiles.
  • His face was as blank, as noncommittal as a bronze bust; I could neither detect affirmation nor negation in it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Noncommittal | Noncommittal Sentence

  • They were very noncommittal but cheerful.
  • Jacob gave a noncommittal nod and his visitor cleared his throat.
  • It was a noncommittal answer, so he changed ground in the next question.
  • Go ahead," she said with the noncommittal attitude of youth.

Definition of Noncommittal

Tending to avoid commitment; lacking certainty or decisiveness; reluctant to give out information or show one's feelings or opinion.
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