Nonplussed In A Sentence

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  • My question nonplussed her.
  • This nonplussed him completely.
  • Roger was nonplussed for a moment.
  • It completely nonplussed me.
  • Sam was nonplussed for a moment.
  • I was nonplussed for the moment.
  • That direct question nonplussed him.
  • I was too nonplussed to remember to laugh.
  • He was too nonplussed to go on immediately.
  • I was nonplussed and somewhat mortified.
  • Leonard was utterly nonplussed by this shift.
  • Again the faculty were nonplussed ...
  • I acknowledge I was nonplussed by what I did see.
  • His mother was so nonplussed that for once she was helplessly silent.
  • Nyoda looked nonplussed for a moment and then she laughed heartily.
  • The girl watched him nonplussed and with a little uneasiness.
  • For a moment he was nonplussed until he remembered the dry well.
  • This most unexpected reply for a moment completely nonplussed the doctor.
  • Her request utterly nonplussed me, and she noticed my hesitation.
  • Captain Riggs was nonplussed for a second at this, and he hesitated.
  • And Mr Benham sat down, more nonplussed than he cared to show.
  • I 'm regularly nonplussed on which side to see the advantage.

How To Use Nonplussed In A Sentence?

  • Rodwell was so nonplussed at thus being caught red-handed, that he could utter no reply.
  • The captain, nonplussed for a moment, lingered, as though to appeal from the decision.
  • Mrs. Krill still continued to smile in her placid way, but she was rather nonplussed all the same.
  • Mr. de Burgh was fairly nonplussed for the moment, by this just, though simple argument.
  • But, having nonplussed his subordinate, Matvy Ilyitch paid him no further attention.
  • Sallie was nonplussed by the tone and look, but she comprehended the closing words fully and with delight.
  • He was nonplussed by the change of the raft; but he did not know enough to follow it round upon the outside.
  • He caressed her with the gentleness of a grizzly fondling the hunter, and was nonplussed and set back when she cried out in pain.
  • I am not much of a hand at speaking, and have always felt somewhat nonplussed at finding myself in a position of this nature.
  • The Indian's quiet reception of him nonplussed him and roused his unwilling admiration.
  • V., who were as nonplussed as I was myself, which is saying a great deal, proposed that we should drive to that address.
  • As Kitty opened her door to step outside she was nonplussed to see two men issue cautiously from the Gregor door.
  • For the first time in my entire existence, so far as I can now remember, I was totally nonplussed and abashed.
  • But my manner and looks betraying no knowledge on my part of any such facts hinted at, he relapsed into a puzzled, nonplussed look that was really ridiculous.
  • With the appearance of the first dish upon the table that night the boy was very frankly nonplussed at the array of implements upon each side of his plate, placed there for him to manipulate.
  • Twas the first time that Titmouse had ever experienced the attentions of a valet; and he was quite nonplussed at the multitudinousness and elegance of the arrangements around him.
  • I stood utterly nonplussed by the startling declaration of this artificial-looking person, who aped youth so ridiculously, and yet spoke with such an air of confidence and determination.

Definition of Nonplussed

Bewildered; unsure how to respond or act. [from 17th c.] | (proscribed, US, informal) Unfazed, unaffected, or unimpressed. [from 20th c.] | simple past tense and past participle of nonplus
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