Noodle In A Sentence

How To Use Noodle In A Sentence?

  • Quickly Noodle drew out the ring, and sent the bucket flying on its last errand.
  • An ordinary noodle dough was made, placed on a clean cloth on the table and rolled as thin as tissue paper.
  • The eye of Noodle grew blind to the passing of things; he could take no count of the collapsing leagues.
  • For answer Noodle swung down the bucket, lowering it as fast as it would go; then he set both hands to the windlass and wound.
  • Than this she knew no more, nor by what means Noodle might gain entrance and become possessor of the Rose.
  • So Noodle and the Princess were married, and came to the throne together and reigned over a happy land.
  • When Noodle set eyes upon her he knew that for the third time his heart had been stolen from him, and that to be happy he must possess her, or die.
  • Looking at her face again, Noodle saw how memory had made it more beautiful than ever, and how between her lips had grown the tender parting of a smile.
  • The Inca is not allowed to make a speech: he is compelled to take up a screed of flatulent twaddle written by some noodle of a minister and read it aloud.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Noodle | Noodle Sentence

  • The year was nearly run out, and Noodle was in despair.
  • This silly French noodle is going to get the things in spite of us.
  • Thought you had a noodle to deal with, didn't you, Mr. Philip Bawdrey?

Definition of Noodle

To think or ponder. | To fiddle, play with, or mess around. | To improvise music.
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