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  • When normality finally returned those who remained alive united to rebuild the planet.
  • But it became apparent even then that work of some sort would have to be done if normality of mind were to be conserved.
  • In spite of the normality of her clothing, Her Majesty looked every inch a Queen, Malone thought.
  • Holiness has now come to refer to perfection, or at least normality of soul, while health refers to normality of body.
  • There results a mental scale of general ability, adequate to gauge normality and to suggest practical standards of superiority or deficiency.
  • Miss Julia loved in the first place as every woman with any touch of normality does love in spite of all.
  • All of that I was certain lay in the domain of the explicable, could be resolved into normality once the basic facts were gained.
  • Things had come to a pretty pass if now, when normality was returning and the excuse for running wild was out-of-date, he should start on his emotional escapades.
  • The available intelligence scales make possible the diagnosis of intellectual defect, normality or precocity in units of considerable reliability, in the case of pre-adolescents.

Definition of Normality

(uncountable) The state of being normal or usual; normalcy. | (chemistry) The concentration of a solution expressed in gram equivalent weights of solute per litre of solution. | (countable, mathematics, statistics) A measure of how well an observed distribution approximates a normal distribution.
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