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  • What do you know of the norms of right and wrong, you callow youngster?
  • Typical charts of age norms in selected tests are given in the Appendix.

How To Use Norms In A Sentence?

  • The author describes numerous tests of a simple type, and gives age norms for each.
  • The following tables illustrate the principle of norms and standards for mental and physical characteristics.
  • But the vocational value of the graded intelligence scales and norms is not limited to the work of detecting and eliminating the feeble-minded.
  • After a standardized and tested form of test has been selected, norms of performance are accumulated by applying the test to large numbers of persons of the same general type.
  • You know the great norms of life, the doctrines of the Porch; you understand the distinctions of Right and Wrong.
  • In the case of the psychological tests, a long program of selection, standardization, and accumulation of norms is laid out for those interested in the further advance of vocational psychology.
  • A lower extension of the Inglis tests of English vocabulary with norms for grades 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Definition of Norms

plural of norm
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