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  • To nigh the nostril linger!
  • The nostril may incline upward.
  • His nose was straight, high in the nostril and sensitive.
  • Rhinarium: a nostril piece or portion of the nasus: q.v.
  • And the philosopher titillated his nostril until he sneezed again and again.
  • The lines from nostril to lip corner were doubly pronounced.
  • The child should blow his nose strongly while the empty nostril is compressed.

How To Use Nostril In A Sentence?

  • The nostril is rather small and elongated, and ascends over the larger antorbital vacuity.
  • Into each nostril put a conical piece of paper, open at each end to allow of breathing.
  • The head is graphically represented, the bill, the eye, and nostril being well shown.
  • From the left nostril of the not-rat, a tiny, glasslike needle snapped out at bullet speed.
  • The unaided nostril can rival the spectroscope in the detection and analysis of unweighable amounts of matter.
  • In the dead of night he perceived something like a thread coming out of the left nostril of the queen.
  • Rhamphorhynchus is distinguished by the small size of the antorbital vacuity, which is placed lower than the nostril on the side of the face.
  • The water may be drawn through one nostril and discharged through the other, or drawn through both nostrils and discharged through the mouth.
  • Its plumage is exactly like that of the preceding except that the bill is entirely black, and the nostril is located nearer the eye.
  • At times the nostril of the good father was lifted, and he beat his breast, relapsing into sorrowful contemplation.
  • In Ptenodracon the antorbital vacuity appears to have no existence separate from the nostril which adjoins the eye hole.
  • The outer and hinder border of the nostril is made by another bone named the maxillary bone, which is usually much shorter than the premaxillary.
  • As she stood up she jabbed him in the nostril with the quill, and Mr. Stott gave ground before he realized it.
  • The nostrils must be cut through so far back from the end of the nose that the cut will not be visible in the open nostril when viewed from in front.
  • The shadow of death was on her sunken temples, and had touched her quivering nostril and waxen ear, through which the light came as through porcelain.
  • The slight sarcastic quiver of the upper lip does not escape you; and the expanded nostril and flash of the eye, contradicted by the fixed motionless mouth.
  • His left nostril was indented by a scar which ran across his cheek, and one ear was notched well-nigh as deeply as that of a calf at a spring branding.
  • On went the noble steed, with steady step and trembling nostril while his finely veined ears spoke so rapidly that the rider could scarcely understand their language.
  • In most birds there is a large vacuity in the side of the head between the nostril and the orbit of the eye, partly separated from it by the bone which carries the duct for tears named the lachrymal bone.
  • The head has the same four lateral vacuities, but the nostril is relatively small and elongated, extending partly above the oval antorbital opening, which was larger.
  • If it does not stop in a half hour, wet a soft rag or a piece of cotton with cold tea or alum water and put it gently into the bleeding nostril so as to entirely close it.
  • The old man's trained eye discerned in a moment the sensitive play of the lad's mouth, the quivering of the nostril that denotes what we call temperament.
  • The head erect, the nostril fine of curve, The shapely shoulders flawless, and the swerve Of stately neck a marvel to behold.
  • Endeavor to produce the natural action of the lungs, by introducing the nose of a bellows into one nostril and closing the other, at the same time pressing on the throat, to close the gullet.

Definition of Nostril

Either of the two orifices located on the nose (or on the beak of a bird); used as a passage for air and other gases to travel the nasal passages.
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