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How To Use Not Covered In A Sentence?

  • The public domain is material that is not covered by intellectual property rights.
  • Priests and women were not covered by the code; matter of omission, rather than of importance.
  • It was wet and muddy walking and they had not covered over a mile when Tom called a halt.
  • Mrs. Lewis was gone to bed, but had not covered up the fire for fear her young lady might want it.
  • Speculators blasted away such of the rocks as they had not covered with lodging-houses and desirable residences.
  • The use of that plain that was not covered with more than roses meant that the distance was such that it could be distinguished.
  • One hardly sees one creature out of ten that is not covered with a repulsive eruption of some sort.
  • It is a true perception that the sun is shining, provided we understand that the sky is not covered by clouds.
  • This was not an easy matter, for there was not a spot for a foot to rest on which was not covered deeply with pumice-dust and ashes.
  • He had not covered thirty paces before she overtook him in the middle of a broad patch of moonlight, and touched his arm.
  • The way down was very precipitous and they had not covered a third of it when Roger slipped and fell.
  • The nests are made of yellowish plant fibres and are not covered with lichens, so that they have a peculiar spongy appearance.
  • But all circular lodges were not covered with earth and sod; in some instances the walls and roofs were formed of sheets of bark.
  • The edge of the cliff was not covered by any trees, but the ground at its summit had been cleared, so that progress was not at all difficult.
  • About a foot below the upper hinge of the door, which was not covered by the table, a jagged streak of light shone through.
  • Large herds of cattle are reared on it; for where the ground is not covered with marshy plants it produces rich, sweet grass.
  • It was snowing fast, but the ground was not covered, and there was this endless waste of mud, holes and water.
  • In the illustration, the blanket is turned back, to show the proper position, and by error the head is not covered.
  • Copyright is supposed to leave "holes" in its coverage so that the genre is not covered, only the specific form of creativity within the genre.
  • Custom limited its use to the house and it went characteristically with the tunic (section 237), when that was not covered by an outer garment.
  • It was true that thus far in the struggle the Army of the Potomac had not covered itself with glory.
  • And still old Hreidmar on his hands and knees was peering over the skin, searching, searching for a hair that was not covered.
  • On the sides of the hills are two clearly defined terraces, and the flat bottoms, are not covered with heavy timber, either alive or dead.
  • The earth in this place, as in others, showed red, the colour of red jasper, wherever its face was not covered by green grass or blue water.
  • Gravel and crushed rock shoulders two feet wide were built on this section and the pavement was not covered while curing as the weather was cool and damp.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not Covered | Not Covered Sentence

  • His head was not covered.
  • This did not mean that the left-side was not covered.
  • The surface is not covered and a lighter brown is yellower.
  • You, at least, are not covered with all that coarse fur.
  • He had not covered half the distance when he met Ernest.
  • The Black Hills were not covered by glaciers.
  • There were tracks in the snow where the wind had not covered them.
  • There was an inky gloom over all that was not covered with snow and ice.
  • If they are not covered with water there is less danger of them cracking.
  • There was not a smooth spot near the cave which was not covered with a skin.
  • Be careful to ascertain that his mouth be not covered with the bed-clothes.
  • The flood was beginning to run and he had not covered much distance yet.
  • Further, the wall is not covered by cement or any other protective covering.
  • Gymnoptera: species with membranous wings not covered with scales.
  • Weedie's legs, being short, had not covered ground very fast.
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