Not Fair In A Sentence

How To Use Not Fair In A Sentence?

  • It is not fair to the innocent child to give it such a heritage.
  • Now, that's not fair!
  • It's really not fair to deceive him.
  • Then we know the game's not fair.
  • But it is not fair to subject him to the same tests that you would a white man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not Fair | Not Fair Sentence

  • Is she not fair then?
  • It is not fair to her.
  • It is not fair to me.
  • But this is not fair or honourable.
  • It is not fair to say we.
  • It is not fair to stop her.
  • It is not fair to ask you.
  • Is it not fair and natural?
  • It is not fair to the man.
  • It is not fair to ask us.
  • But it is not fair that his memory should absorb you.
  • She was fair but not fair enough.
  • Forget not, fair sir.
  • Down there it was not fair; the goat had all the advantage.
  • It is not fair, now, is it?
  • It is not fair writ out, sir.
  • This is not right, not fair, not just.
  • Miss Lizzie was not fair.
  • They were not fair samples of Erewhonians.
  • This is not fair; Indeed it is not.
  • But somehow Archibald was not fair game.
  • Let not fair France be dishonoured in her sons.
  • It is not fair, is it, Heinrich?
  • That, I thought, was not fair.
  • It's not fair, it's my turn!...
  • I am no lady, am not fair, Can without escort home repair.
  • I am not fair.
  • It is not fair.
  • It is not fair.
  • That is not fair!
  • It was not fair.
  • It's not fair to the men.
  • For in the end that's not fair.
  • I declare it's not fair.
  • Oh, you're not fair!
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