Not New In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not New | Not New Sentence

  • Hurts are not new to me.
  • These are not new circumstances.
  • And these stories were not new to them!
  • Your house is not new.
  • This polemic is not new.
  • The contention was not new.
  • The idea was not new.
  • My feeling was not new.
  • They were not new to the people.
  • The labor problem is not new.
  • Cataclysms are not new in the history of our race.
  • These things are not new to us.
  • This view of the matter is not new.
  • The idea of the satire is not new.
  • I suppose not new in thought or expression.
  • The doctrine is at once new and yet not new.
  • These things are not new to the people of the earth.
  • This admission is not new either in philosophy or science.
  • Attempts by governments to stop industrial war are not new.
  • But, the truth is, we are not new.
  • As a matter of fact, the argument itself is not new.
  • Yes, that you did; but the idea was not new.
  • The furniture of these rooms was handsome, though not new.
  • They are not new or peculiar to Christianity.
  • New Plymouth was not new as a plantation.
  • Old (not new) = malnova.
  • The word "transcendental" was not new in philosophy.
  • The spectacle, though always surprising, was not new to me.
  • That vision is Fellowship, and it is not new.
  • No, not new, perhaps, but simple and effective.
  • They listen, for what I say is not new.
  • Oh, Doctor, not new milk!
  • We are not New Guinea savages.
  • I am sure this is not New York.
  • America is not young, New Zealand is not new.

How To Use Not New In A Sentence?

  • The conception I have of Woman is not new; it is very old.
  • This is Denboro, not New York.
  • This was Cape Cod, not New York.
  • Not new.
  • That is not new.
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