Not Present In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not Present | Not Present Sentence

  • Terence was not present.
  • Scattergood was not present.
  • All the members were not present.
  • Yet why not present it for what it may be?
  • Rollins alone was not present.
  • The girl was not present.
  • Majesty is wanting where he is not present.
  • Julian was not present at the interview.
  • The niece was not present.
  • The nation is not present in her.
  • The stable guard is not present?
  • He is not present to-day.
  • I am truly thankful that he was not present.
  • All it means is that the occasion is not present.
  • It was not present in the original work.
  • He had no intention of going in if she were not present.
  • The local doctor was not present.
  • The laird was not present on that occasion.
  • He is not present, and is not in the state.
  • History does not present us with these clean balances.
  • This determination may or may not present a perplexity.
  • The cliffs did not present too much of a climbing problem.
  • Fortunately for her, the little mother was not present.
  • Digital ossifications not present....
  • But Ruth was not present.
  • Mr. Sandys was not present.
  • Much regret was expressed that Ellen was not present.
  • Micky noticed with relief that Goldberg was not present.
  • She certainly spoke as if I were not present.
  • Mr. Bascom was not present at the afternoon session.
  • Handel did not present it in London until two years later.
  • She was not present, I am sorry to say.
  • He was therefore not present at her death; neither was I.
  • But McKegnie was not present.
  • What I mean is not present in your senses, but a disease.

How To Use Not Present In A Sentence?

  • The Vicomte de Vaudemont was of course not present.
  • These I send not to thee since I avail not present.
  • He was not present.
  • Spinoza was not present when excommunication was pronounced upon him.
  • The wall did not present the slightest appearance of having been disturbed.
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