Not Ready In A Sentence

How To Use Not Ready In A Sentence?

  • Conservatives, not ready for this manoeuvre, dumfounded.
  • She was not ready to die within a year, nor many years.
  • London, like the rest of the country, was not ready.
  • But I was not ready for sleep.
  • Even now he was not ready to call Sovine.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not Ready | Not Ready Sentence

  • For this he was not ready.
  • Annele was not ready.
  • Breakfast is not ready.
  • I am not ready for a voyage.
  • But you are not ready for that just yet.
  • Wait until the hour when he is not ready.
  • You are not ready to die.
  • America was not ready for her singer.
  • I am not ready to say.
  • The dinner was not ready.
  • The horse is not ready for it.
  • He was not ready for that just yet.
  • I was not ready to know.
  • Woe to her if the loaves be not ready!
  • Her response was not ready.
  • She was not ready for the terrible sternness in his.
  • Barrington was not ready to take him unawares.
  • We find it not ready made.
  • They socialized what was not ready for socialization.
  • They were not ready yet for disclosures.
  • She is not ready for us yet.
  • He felt he was not ready for the interview before him.
  • Self-restrained men are not ready with language.
  • Some of them are ready, some of them are not ready.
  • The government is not ready to proceed to your trial.
  • I am not ready, quite.
  • When they reached home the dinner was not ready.
  • At half-past the hour it was not ready.
  • I ask no one to follow me who is not ready to do so.
  • They seemed to have thoughts not ready for utterance.
  • He was thinking; and words were not ready.
  • Monsieur is not ready....
  • You are a dying creature, and you are not ready to die.
  • He knew what must come, but he was not ready for the hour.
  • Miss Winstead was not ready.
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