Not Take In A Sentence

How To Use Not Take In A Sentence?

  • Bias did not take the hint.
  • She would not take it.
  • He will not take a refusal.
  • That we did not take to each other is no wonder.
  • Patricia could not take it in for a while.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not Take | Not Take Sentence

  • Why did you not take them?
  • Coombe did not take this up.
  • We can not take them.
  • We do not take you in.
  • But she did not take it.
  • He will not take her from me.
  • They will not take you?
  • Why did he not take her?
  • Cicely did not take it.
  • These he did not take.
  • You will not take me with you.
  • We will not take your land.
  • My daughter does not take after me.
  • You do not take it into your heart.
  • It did not take long.
  • The judge did not take it.
  • The coolies did not take them.
  • It will not take me long.
  • For he could not take it with him.
  • Frank did not take one.
  • Do not take that book with you.
  • He did not take it to heart.
  • Scientific works do not take.
  • I was glad that you did not take him.
  • He did not take her down to dinner.
  • He did not take to the idea at all.
  • Heaven will not take you from those who love you.
  • I did not take him into my confidence.
  • Yet each did not take it in the same way.
  • Why should he not take what belonged to him?
  • For a moment she did not take it in.
  • But she did not take up the scissors again.
  • He will not take his own life.
  • But this did not take place.
  • Agellius could not take them.
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