Not We In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Not We | Not We Sentence

  • Must not we back it up?
  • Yet are not we ourselves strangers?
  • But have not we heard that motto before?
  • But did not we catch it this morning!
  • Certainly not we of the older generation.
  • Are not we much like them?
  • It is not we that take anything from them.
  • Why should not we make a bid for it?
  • Do not we all live together now?
  • Were not we consecrated like priests?
  • Fortunate or not, we were poor.
  • We are not so clever, not we!
  • Fear not: we will perform it.
  • Are not we becoming new-fashioned?
  • Assuredly not, we think.
  • May not we therefore derive instruction?
  • Were not we christened like immortals?
  • She was the one surprised, not we.
  • I did not care whether or not we sighted any game.
  • Why should not we also forgive the fallen girls?
  • God must judge, not we!
  • If not, we must break down.
  • We say, why should not we go in for it?
  • Even if it were not, we could appeal you into bankruptcy.
  • What would not we white people give for such a digestion!
  • If not, we must plan otherwise.
  • If not, we will let it stand as it is at present.
  • Of what we know not, we can only judge by what we know.
  • Ideas are not, we know, soporific.
  • In these things they must come to us, not we to them.
  • But whether she did or not, we must go very warily.
  • It is not we who have put Him there.
  • But if she could not fight four men, could not we?
  • You understand, no doubt, that it is not we who refuse.
  • If not we must go with the stream, and trust to the rocks.

How To Use Not We In A Sentence?

  • If he does, we are solid; if not, we are lost.
  • Ho, man, had not we a jolly time of it last time we met?
  • But you must not forget that God rules, not we mortals.
  • God is our helper, He made us, and not we ourselves.
  • Do not we "look one upon another," yet perform nothing?
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