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  • Dicky was a notable success as scout.
  • A second sacrifice is very unusual and a notable event.
  • But there is one splendid and notable exception, viz.
  • Of this Oxford is a notable proof.
  • Quite as notable a change has taken place in personal reputation.
  • Ten years now passed before the next notable effort at dirigible construction.
  • That was a notable Sunday for us in the wilds, and seldom to be repeated.
  • Isaac Lalonde is rather a notable figure among European criminals.
  • A notable man in his day was Edward Biddle, on the Thornbury side of Bristol.

How To Use Notable In A Sentence?

  • There has been a notable tendency in human history to stress the intellectual element in religion.
  • It is illustrated in almost every work on monumental brasses as a notable example.
  • These were two notable instances of vast land grants which reverted to the people.
  • For awhile they stood in awkward silence, this notable gathering of men and women.
  • Many notable men and women were present, and a collection of 8,000 marks was made.
  • They soon collected quite a notable quantity of mussels and periwinkles, which they could eat raw.
  • The most notable example of the single-contact transmitter is the once familiar Blake instrument.
  • Aunt Maria had the notable distinction of living on one hundred dollars a year.
  • Still he was a notable man; and his death robbed France of her one perfectly sincere musician.
  • One, where lived a notable cook, had, in a quiet corner, a little grove of caraway.
  • One of the most notable was James Pattie, whose personal narrative is well worth reading.
  • At the portal stood De Gaucourt, a notable warrior, with a grim look about his mouth.
  • Max O'Rell's writings have always been notable for witty epigrammatic sentences....
  • The first notable employment of the balloon by the British army occurred during the Boer War.
  • Its work of seeking to extend the markets of our agricultural products is one of its notable successes.
  • Russia also is likely to bring forth some notable men who have not previously been heard of before the world.
  • Another and a more notable point is that in not one thing played at this concert might the human note be heard.
  • They have spurred a lazy and demoralized people to notable feats of arms and to still more astonishing feats of endurance.
  • In some respects the most notable recent advance in rural matters consists in the improved means of communication in rural districts.
  • There is a notable progression of discounts, while the total of our delayed payments has been brought back to 1,140 millions.
  • She moved her hearers by her reference to class feeling and their ambition to make the class the most notable that ever graduated from Wellington.
  • He was gratified to find that the river Camel running through part of the shooting he rented was a notable salmon and trout stream.
  • She certainly was a notable sort of body; she kept her place wonderful nice, and she had a tidy bit of brass laid by in the bank.
  • With all our acknowledged artistic capacity, we have not, except in one notable instance, produced a cumulative art effect.
  • Every man is said to have his price, and a French chauffeur might prove no notable exception to the rule.
  • Jars and vases stood on tables, plaques and platters hung on the walls, each notable for some excellence in shape, glaze, or decoration.
  • A little before my departure on this first visit this notable matter happened, and I will relate it in an extract from my last letter homeward.
  • It is safe to predict for the quaint and delightful figure of Cleg Kelly a notable in the literature of the day.
  • The series of notable addresses which he delivered on this mission gave a new impetus to the Pan American movement.
  • Rossini, indeed, did not revolutionise the forms of opera as transmitted to him by his predecessors, but he reformed and perfected them in various notable ways.
  • Nor less notable are the Secret Societies, two or three of which exist in every class, and are handed down yearly to the care of successors.

Definition of Notable

(obsolete) Useful; profitable. | Prudent; clever; capable; industrious; thrifty. | A person or thing of distinction.
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