Notes in a sentence

Definition of Notes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of note | plural of note

Short Example Sentence for Notes

  • 1. Its notes it doth redouble.
  • 2. They compare notes over their operations.
  • 3. They have post notes and drafts on bankers.
  • 4. The notes are all right; so do not misunderstand me.
  • 5. There are just a few geographical notes I want to make.
  • 6. In sweeter notes than Thracian Orpheus ever played.
  • 7. With an Introduction and Notes by the Government Archivist.
  • 8. In the distance sounded the melancholy notes of some pastoral flute.
  • 9. We reached the landing-place just as the last notes died away.
  • 10. He made some inquiries, took some notes and went away again.
  • 11. It contained six ten-pound notes and a leather bag full of nuggets.
  • 12. A Handbook upon Aeroplanes and their Engines, with Notes upon Propellers.
  • 13. Millicent's notes, not many in number, were as the notes of a cooing dove.

How to use Notes in a Sentence?

  • 1. Within a few minutes he had found his notes of the former survey and secured his assistants.
  • 2. Millicent taught me to sing from notes and to discern the aspect of the key-board.
  • 3. The way in which he flung the nine five-pound notes on the table was an insult in itself.
  • 4. We walk much by the stream side during the day, and take mental notes of men and fish.
  • 5. Letters were letters in those days, and not the notes and cards and "flimsies" of to-day.
  • 6. A wood-thrush, or veery, was pouring out his thrilling, liquid notes as we arrived.
  • 7. They strike notes which have no chords in my nature: hence from them I instinctively fly.
  • 8. Some further notes on the amphibians and reptiles of the Peten forest of northern Guatemala.
  • 9. Of what use are notes of hand to us?" said he, "who can we send with you to Rome to receive it?
  • 10. To fleck the meadows green, Than thy untrammelled notes are heard Rising the brakes between.
  • 11. They were in there only briefly while they took some notes and made some calculations approximating the overall dimensions of the mine.
  • 12. She drank in the trills and flourishes of the selection which her friend had chosen as though the notes were golden ambrosia.
  • 13. Lumley emptied the contents of the box on the floor before him, and began eagerly to count over the notes and gold.
  • 14. Where the notes contradict the Instructions the orders conveyed by the former are to be followed.
  • 15. They were very busy with the writings of notes and certain mysterious goings and comings of their own, and left me very much to my own devices.
  • 16. And there is a science which teaches not only what notes and letters, but what classes admit of combination with one another, and what not.
  • 17. The gold might have been withered leaves, the notes blank pieces of paper for all the interest he could feel in them.
  • 18. We developed something like a custom of walks, about once a week or so, and letters and notes became frequent.
  • 19. Then she began to talk very quickly of other things, to compare notes of countries which they had both visited, even of people whom they had met.
  • 20. The hour, the scene were in harmony with the liquid notes that gushed forth like golden beads dropped into a crystal dish.
  • 21. The squire's was a very cordial letter, and he, too, enclosed notes for a hundred pounds.
  • 22. The jackal is a social kind of dog, and a pack of hungry or excited jackals can howl in notes fit to pierce the ears of the deafest.
  • 23. The father, with his feathers drooping, sat on a fence post, and his happy songs were changed to notes of sadness.
  • 24. I studied it exactly as I should a queer case in the hospital, and corresponded and compared notes with other men of science.
  • 25. I've got it all down in these notes here; but at the moment I'll only trouble you with one detail of it.
  • 26. Mr. Booth drew out a memorandum book with several bank notes folded between its pages and straightened his neat gold eyeglasses.
  • 27. As they were indeed lovely, in all haste I tried to make rapid notes of them to prove the truth of my strange experience.