Noticing In A Sentence

How To Use Noticing In A Sentence?

  • Sheen found himself noticing the most trivial things with extraordinary clearness.
  • I probably put my hand out to steady myself and touched the knob without noticing it.
  • She laid the letter down and went on turning over the papers without noticing the young man.
  • Nor could Bill help noticing the wonderful strength that seemed to lie behind it.
  • Captain Hardy drilled us and drilled us in noticing even the most minute things.
  • She nodded to them both, but Henry could not help noticing that her last nod was in his direction.
  • Porter Barkley, noticing some things and suspecting others, drew a breath of sudden conviction.
  • When I stooped to pick it up, noticing the poor, bruised, broken corner, I looked about.
  • It was then that William W. Kolderup, without noticing Godfrey, approached the piano.
  • Before noticing the activities of the nucleus it will be necessary to mention a third part of the cell.
  • The girls could not help noticing another small package which she had not yet proffered for their acceptance.
  • He sat in thought, not noticing the splendour around him, nor the lovely view over the smiling gardens.
  • Children frequently put a wrong word in place of a right one well known to them, without noticing it.
  • And as the frozen particles melted, she could not help noticing what splendidly cut features the man really had.
  • The thought almost drove him frantic, and he hurried along the pavement, scarcely noticing where he was going.
  • One who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.
  • There was no other company but one man, who sat enjoying his pint of port at a window, and noticing the passers-by.
  • Joe became occupied, hardly more than noticing that she had been whisked away in a hoverlimousine, ornately bedecked with official flags and stars.
  • Lately, he had been conscious of noticing things about Mirabelle which had never been part of his analysis of another woman.
  • Shirley approached, and noticing the uneasiness of Leonard and her father, she asked what was the trouble.
  • The baroness suddenly stopped short in the middle of the sentence, and became greatly confused, noticing that there was a third person present.
  • Neither one knew when they fell asleep, and neither one woke up until noon the next day, barely noticing that they were being baked by the sun.
  • He had walked a few steps without noticing Phina, and unconsciously his index finger touched one of the keys of the piano.
  • Mrs Yabsley, noticing the softness and whiteness of her hands, knew that she had never done a stroke of work in her life.
  • But Therese, not noticing anything strange about me, said it was something like half-past seven in the morning.
  • Even her brothers could scarcely help noticing the smart ribbons that, especially on Sundays, decked her gown and hair.
  • But Pinkey, noticing his gloomy looks, decided that he needed livening up, and ordered him to spend a shilling on the theatre.
  • The cat still in his house, like a rat in his hole, saying nothing, and noticing nothing, but drinking a great deal of brandy.
  • We travelled league after league of this paradise run wild (I cannot tell how many) without noticing any change in the character of the scenery.
  • Leaning on his stick, he looked loweringly back at Ashley, who talked to Drusilla without noticing him further.
  • And noticing this spoliation, the exposed throat, the bare up-turned feet, Byrne felt his eyes run full of tears.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Noticing | Noticing Sentence

  • The other children did not seem to be noticing them.
  • He was getting too big, noticing things.
  • Night will show you what to do, without your even noticing it.
  • I couldn't help noticing there was somethink.
  • I turned homeward, never noticing that anything had happened to me.
  • But Helen went on without apparently noticing his awkwardness.
  • Mrs. Bentley hesitated; and, noticing her hesitation, Hubert looked surprised.
  • Quickly noticing June's tear stained eyes, he asked if she were in trouble.
  • Mrs. Wilmer asked, noticing the white, sad look on Scott's face.

Definition of Noticing

present participle of notice | The act by which something is noticed.
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