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  • You are hereby notified that the mine is confiscated.
  • Up to now he had merely been notified by private citizens.
  • Frankie was also notified of the rigid resolve.
  • Tatewaki Dono was notified and had accompanied them.
  • Then he notified the Chief that the medicine was ready.
  • Relatives of the dead were notified and some of the bodies were removed.
  • She was notified that a portion of the property would go to her by will.
  • Burrage himself pasted on the shutters the paper that notified its failure.
  • However, we notified the revenue cutter and they were rescued.
  • He had been notified that his services would not be needed after Saturday.
  • Why, the official who you were notified was coming, the Inspector.
  • The following morning I was again notified to attend the Police Court.
  • So Mr. Enwright notified me, the next day, and I gathered Carroll in.

How To Use Notified In A Sentence?

  • The knights were then called in, and the choice of the assembly notified to them.
  • If he was not properly notified this defence will avail whenever it is clearly proved.
  • The word had been passed and the family notified to assemble around the bed and see me off.
  • Considering it of much importance, he notified the coroner, who ordered an inquest.
  • Hugonet was speedily notified that the States did not feel empowered to appoint a committee.
  • Westenra in Europe for the first time for four years, and this was the way he notified her!
  • For this reason Adelle and her aunt were notified that they should appear before His Honor.
  • It also notified the curious watchers at the station of the approach of the train for which they were waiting.
  • The time of her arrival had been notified by wireless, and all preparations had been made for her reception.
  • He had been notified that his own life depended upon the fate of a person held in federal hands as a spy.
  • The owners of the ship were notified that the vessel and cargo were a total loss, but that all the passengers had been saved.
  • They are notified to stand by the old creed, and to avoid all original thought, as a mortal pestilence.
  • She was notified of her ascension to the throne by the presentation of Mary's ring.
  • Wilkes has notified that he intends to surrender himself to his outlawry, the beginning of next term, which comes on the 17th of this month.
  • Captain Eri felt that this granddaughter should be notified of the old man's illness at once.
  • He had that very morning been notified that a patent had been granted him for a device to burst open safes by hydraulic pressure, without noise.
  • The Governor was informally notified of a state of insurrection and was requested to send in the state militia.
  • To hold an indorser, he must be properly notified of the non-payment of the note; and whether this has been done is a question of fact.
  • She was notified by him that she must declare war against England immediately, or lose all her continental possessions.
  • So a police-boy from the town camp was sent on to escort them, and the Zimbabwe camp notified by runner of their approach.
  • On the 26th of August his passport arrived and he was notified to be prepared to sail on September 1st.
  • The provisional government at Archangel has just notified us that it will not accept the proposal for a conference at Prinkipos.
  • In addition the crowd was notified that no Patti tickets would be sold from the box-office, but that all must go inside.
  • Then the judges for Castilla notified those of Portugal that they were acting up to what they said, and would continue to do so.
  • Police notified her that among the tires seized at the Johnson Warehouse was a set of five belonging to her stripped car.
  • I was alongside the Cutter (Revenue) and notified the officer commanding to arrest any of the vessels named in my order.
  • The next morning, he notified his 'boss' of his intention to quit his service for that of Uncle Sam.

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simple past tense and past participle of notify
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