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  • You have no notion of the proprieties.
  • And is this your notion of discipline?
  • But he had no notion of how to make her do so.
  • This is her notion of a witticism.
  • Give me some notion of her motive.
  • It may be his notion of humour.
  • There was no notion of a fair fight.
  • But that gives no notion of its vastness.
  • The mere notion of it is horrible.
  • Connected with the notion of holiness is that of purity.
  • Is that your notion of a religious life?
  • Ricardo never has any notion of geography.
  • The notion of soul or spirit is here out of place.
  • She has not the faintest notion of self-reliance.
  • An illusion like the notion of cause.
  • She had got some silly notion of pride in her now.
  • The head-keeper had no notion of sparing him.
  • She had not the faintest notion of how hard this trial was.
  • How artfully he encourages the notion of his poverty!
  • He couples the notion of justice with action.
  • Now, she is my notion of quality.
  • I have no notion of making my husband jealous.
  • And thus they came by the notion of portraits.
  • The ancients had little notion of perspective.
  • Unfortunately, he had no notion of what that purpose was.
  • The title gives a notion of the theory.
  • He hates the notion of a public breach.
  • He had a notion of setting up in the drug business.
  • Let us go on to the notion of the absolute.
  • They have no restraining notion of public interest.
  • We will try and get a clearer notion of them.
  • She had no notion of trial nights in life.
  • Then he might come to some notion of his own true powers.
  • Aye, that is your priestly notion of a hero.
  • We derive the notion of space from matter and form.

How To Use Notion Of In A Sentence?

  • Of course we had no notion of going home awhile.
  • The old notion of taking a stimulant was all wrong.
  • The notion of holiness is closely connected with worship.
  • Far from love is this horrid notion of eternal torment.
  • A preposterous notion of hers, that unfitness.
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