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  • I just get the notion that it was so.
  • You had the right notion that time.
  • I had a bizarre notion that he was not to be disturbed.
  • She had some notion that this would be her last chance.
  • The notion that woman was born for marriage died long ago.
  • Well, do you know I had a sort of notion that they did.
  • I'd a notion that way you'd 'a' been done neat long ago.
  • I had no notion that there was a cat in the world so badly off.
  • We pleased ourselves with the notion that they walked where then we stood!
  • He had a confused notion that when he fell the post came with him.
  • I like your notion that you don't complain!
  • We had no notion that we would have so great an affair to direct.
  • It is an old notion that it is easier to be generous than to be stingy.
  • I wish you had not got that notion that you cannot learn to write.
  • I had then no distinct notion that life would be at once annihilated.
  • His host had a shrewd notion that he had economised in the matter of lunch.
  • There is a common notion that electric light is bad for the eyes.
  • Banks rashly encouraged the notion that his nag was supernaturally endowed.
  • The reporter got the notion that there was something queer about her going.
  • There is a common notion that electricity is stored in the storage-battery.
  • The notion that mathematicians cannot find the circle for common purposes.
  • They had lost any notion that sincerity was possible, or of what sincerity was.
  • Is there anything in the notion that a man can get well by simply willing it?
  • He held a notion that she was lonely, and worried about her father.
  • I do not think he knew me, or had the least notion that we were related.
  • He has the false notion, that people gain only by taking from others.
  • For example, the notion that the homeliest girl in the party is the safest.
  • Get rid first of the notion that a poor boy has as good a chance as another.
  • A quaint feminine notion, that life was to be encountered at a masquerade!

How To Use Notion That In A Sentence?

  • The simplicity affected him with the notion that he was coming to an enchanted palace.
  • The notion that all has been discovered that is essential to the welfare of man is a mistaken one.
  • He had no notion that monotheism is a later development of the theological spirit than polytheism.
  • He had a notion that nobody could support the unconscious girl so tenderly as himself.
  • This belief was companioned by a hazy notion that some one had called on her that evening.
  • The notion that crippling industries will benefit the industrious is not so new as it seems.
  • There is a popular notion that they are apt to be wanting in physical and mental vigor.
  • Many persons harbor the notion that interpretation relates to the work of the dead masters only.
  • The notion that frequent war is a healthy tonic for a nation is scarcely tenable.
  • Brain had had half a notion that the prince might have gone to look for the lost rapier.
  • We even acquire the notion that fine art is lascivious and destructive to the character.
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