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  • This novel is concerned with big problems of the day.
  • In 1906, built a flapper of novel design.
  • This novel was published in Manila in 1885.
  • Then from us Commence the novel custom!
  • My subject is so far novel as to justify a little repetition.
  • It is no use pretending that this is not novel and revolutionary; it is.
  • The sight was so novel that for a moment the gang merely stared and grinned.
  • It is a novel of a high intellectual order, strong in plot and character.
  • By her side, opened and face downward, a novel lay on a chair.
  • The mere Germanisms of the novel rests and signs appalled me.
  • While the Novel cannot get on without love, the Short-story can.
  • Scott published The Pilot, a novel of the sea, which was very popular.
  • It is the three-volume Novel which has killed the Short-story in England.
  • A slight Novel, or a Novel cut down, is a Novelette: it is not a Short-story.

How To Use Novel In A Sentence?

  • This was my first novel committed to paper during my initial year of college 1979-80.
  • A novel of adventure warmed by a beautiful love episode that every reader will hail with delight.
  • In this case the novel itself was recognized as being, without extraneous help, respectable.
  • The latter was in love with the novel enterprise, liked the boys, and played the piano.
  • Another novel feature of this first Farman biplane was its method of starting and landing.
  • A true Short-story differs from the Novel chiefly in its essential unity of impression.
  • In a far more exact and precise use of the word a Short-story has unity as a Novel cannot have it.
  • A good Short-story is no more the synopsis of a Novel than it is an episode from a Novel.
  • But M. Auguste, in his exacting dependence on Louise, left the French novel far behind.
  • Frank mentioned some of the movies accessories he had purchased and told of some novel features in the way of films for which he had contracted.
  • Not that the circumstances were in any way novel or at all uncommon; nor even that the vicar had any hope of being able to help.
  • It was a peculiar species of warfare which was now entered upon, requiring novel resources both for attack and defence.
  • The view from the hurricane deck, though there are no striking varieties, is too novel to be monotonous.
  • The novel is brimful of the most beautiful word painting of nature, and its pathos and tender sentiment will endear it to all.
  • Hitherto, declared the eulogist, only four terminations of a novel have been known to the most enthusiastic and untiring student of fiction.
  • Of course the only explanation that I could see was that he had written his novel in a sleep-walking state.
  • This is a strong, virile novel with the lumber industry for its central theme and a love story full of interest as a sort of subplot.
  • These cigars were cheap, but Harrigan had a novel way of adding to their strength if not to their aroma.
  • In this connection a great deal of historic fact is introduced into the novel about the past history of the cathedral and of Spain.
  • It can be conceived neither as part of a Novel nor as elaborated and expanded so as to form a Novel.
  • This novel is an intense, glowing epic of the great desert, sunlit barbaric, with its marvelous atmosphere of vastness and loneliness.
  • Here a peculiarly specific style, such as the French novel especially possesses, never reached complete perfection.
  • The 1912 model is of entirely novel type, a tail first monoplane with a propeller either end of the main planes, and a triangular tail aft.
  • The "noise wagon" had been introduced in connection with the photo playhouse at Fairlands and had become a novel institution with the inhabitants.
  • Fielding pictures him in his novel Joseph Andrews in such a manner that you always sympathize with him even if you must laugh at his simplicity.
  • Yet the distinction, like that between the Novel and the Romance, is no longer of vital importance.

Definition of Novel

new, original, especially in an interesting way | (classical studies, historical) A new legal constitution in ancient Rome. [from 17th c.]
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