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  • The enthusiasm of the novice was hers.
  • She was not a novice abroad.
  • Does the novice adhere to it?
  • I was a novice at the time.
  • I am indeed no novice to her charms.
  • I am a mere novice in all speculations.
  • Does this method make an impression on the novice at first?
  • The merest novice must have taken advantage of it.
  • He was no novice to Egypt.
  • No novice can win laurels in this line, Dodo.
  • The novice was filled with admiration and respect for the young man.
  • The secretary discovered him in the club, taking a novice down at billiards.
  • The other novice ripped her dress, too, and rendered care to the other man.
  • The novice leaned over, and, young as he was, enjoyed the dissertation vastly.
  • But the tale? tell me once more; I am no novice in adversity.
  • But it is so hard for the novice to tell what is a clue and what isn't.
  • He couldn't take his eyes off the novice and he touched her face once more.

How To Use Novice In A Sentence?

  • Even a novice at the game could see that this by no means followed of necessity.
  • The scandalized novice watched a neatly cut coat disappear behind a group of ladies.
  • The novice marveled and listened in fascination, taking care to keep on the left.
  • The first duty of a novice was to be free of preference, to obey without a sigh of choice.
  • The notary vicar rang a small hand bell and a young novice ran to the desk where the notary sat.
  • I find it quite agitating for a novice and am simply calculating and recalculating over and over again.
  • Probably there are none of our birds which afford more surprise and pleasure to a novice than the family of warblers.
  • She was an entire novice in all domestic matters; an utter stranger in the place to which she removed.
  • They seemed simple enough, and especially so to one who was no novice at the administration of an estate.
  • Perhaps one of the most disappointing experiences of the novice in housekeeping is the rapidity with which everything assumes a shabby aspect.
  • She did the same with the other body, taking the same care inspecting it until the other novice and the three nuns came to help her.
  • The novice did not understand the connection between the price of rice and the whiteness of those girls, but he held his peace.
  • They had varying systems of control, so that a pilot who flew one with ease was nothing more than a novice when he stepped into another.
  • The novice bit his lip and felt smaller than ever, while he placed a respectful distance between himself and his fellow townsman.
  • Their history has been carefully investigated by mycologists, and the novice will find many beautiful illustrations in various works.
  • A new-comer in a country, and a novice in a minister's office, has need of instruction.
  • In 1899 there appeared on the scene a personage compared with whom Zelaya was the merest novice in the art of making trouble.
  • He was sent while still a novice to the missions at Buayen, where he labored faithfully and zealously until his death.
  • And Fabienne talked with nobody but her, saw nobody but her, and was like a little novice in a convent.
  • They warned me that for a novice to eat freely of prickly pears produced a lame, sore feeling, as if one had taken cold or a fever.
  • Nowhere does the innate courtesy of the Latin-American shine more than in his bearing toward the novice who tries to learn his language.
  • Hatch is another novice on the first eleven, but had some practice at quarter-back on the second last year which position he will fill on the first this year.

Definition of Novice

A beginner; one who is not very familiar or experienced in a particular subject. [from 14th c.] | (religion) A new member of a religious order accepted on a conditional basis, prior to confirmation. [from 14th c.]
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